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A traditional business with a view to the future

A traditional business with a view to the future

An interview with the M.D. of Pan Ingles S.L. Makers of the nearest you will get to English bread in Andalucia and Spain.

by Edwin Gladstone

Baking and the art of bread bread go back to the early ages of man. There are few trades which can claim such antiquity. For milenia bread has formed part of our natural diet and in only very recent history has bread become yet another consumable competing with a full range of alternative foods.

This has created fierce competition forcing bakers into innovation of product , packaging and marketing techniques. Mr Charles Cruz, managing director of Pan Ingles S.L. believes the way forward with his business, like with most other local businesses, is with the use of the internet.

Q. - Mr Cruz why should a company as your own look towards the internet as a tool for the future of your business?

A. - The Internet is a massive network of people -individuals. A virtual community of like-minded individuals with shared interests and tastes. If we can gain their loyalty by being receptive to their needs and building trust in our products we will have our customers buying our products time after time.

Q. - Is the message published on a web page effective with all those who visit the site?

A. - The Internet is individual things to individual people. Most corporate sites are glorified sales pitches. Based on truth but with obviously biased slants towards the perfection of the products or services provided . We wish through our interactive page to encourage people to communicate with us and in turn with other consumers.People know that they get far better information and support from one another than from companies directly. They don't trust, read or believe anything corporations tell them any more. We wish to encourage, through the medium of our interactive

Q. - Is the internet a good method of advertising your brand and products?


A. - Individuals will only patronise sites that are based on merit and value. They have become cynical to the excesses of company claims and that advertising on its own without true and honest value associations has no strength and is more often than not completely ignored.

Q. - Are you saying that the internet is able to personalise a marketing strategy?

A. - The new and informed consumers are not loyal to a brand, or to a product category, or to a supply chain. They are loyal to other customers and to companies with whom they have established relationships. Companies who can relate to the community´s needs. Consumers want value, and will give loyalty in return by benefiting those local companies directly. The reality is that marketing strategy has been turned on its head. It's not about selling anymore; it's about people choosing to buy. It's not about mass marketing; it's about tailoring products and services to a market of one. On the Internet truth/value and information is king . Content is mostly 90% information, 10% persuasion. Consumers decide what products and services they really want and they alone know why the make the choice they do . For small companies like ours who find it difficult to compete with the advertising campaigns that the multinational companies maintain, the internet is a one on one form of communication where consumers can decide what messages they're exposed to . Companies who can relate to the community´s needs. Consumers want value, and will give loyalty in return by benefiting those local companies directly. We will be successful by focussing all our energies on producing customer-led/demanded products and by being able to give something back to the community.

Q. - In what way can a company like yours give that SOMETHING back to its community.

A. - We must demonstrate our commitment to the local community by promoting and protecting a sense of genuine understanding of local needs so we are not seen purely as commercial opportunists. Our interactive page offers our help with any youth programs in local communities. We aim with our experience , to help young people with meritable ideas, to get these projects off the ground.

Q. - Before we end please give us an example of one of these projects.

A. - The San Roque cycling club "Club Los Leones " was formed by a group of young cycling enthusiasts who together with our help in the formalities of registration and a small sponsorship for their club kit have now over 40 members and hope to compete in the local and regional events next season.

Mr Cruz thank you for your time and we hope that this web approach to your business proves to be as successful as we believe it should.

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