Tuesday, 7th July 2020
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Clean water is healthy water

Water, is the essence of life, our own bodies are made up of 90% water, therefore when we swim one could say we are in our own element.

Unfortunately it is not quite so; H2O in a swimming pool is a combined element susceptible to changes caused by the environment itself and some of these changes can be quite noxious to us, it is essential to maintain the swimming pool water in tip-top condition at all times and it is well worth to get professional advise on the matter.

Water Disinfection:
There are various types of water systems that one can adopt to counteract water pollution in the pool:

  • Chlorine is the most common chemical used in swimming pools, however you must be careful not to exceed the required amount and never mix different types of chlorine. You must control the pH in order to reduce the concentration of chlorine in the water and salt can even be used. It is important to maintain the pH balance between 6.8 and 7.4 to obtain maximum chlorine efficiency and avoid eye or skin irritation.
  • The other system is Ozone gas. The gas is produced with an electric generator thus breaking into three (O3) the O2 element in the air. This could be achieved with UV light but it is prohibited in Spain. This is an excellent oxidant that burns up all the impurities (germs, bacteria, etc), it is quite safe and it is kind to the skin.


Algae Control:
Algae proliferate in the warm swimming pool water and there are three ways to combat their growth:

  1. Chemical products (i.e. copper sulphate), but be very careful as they are extremely noxious.
  2. "Shock Chlorine", a concentrated injection of chlorine in the water (no swimmers).
  3. Floatron is probably the most ecological method. It is a solar device inserted in the water which changes the molecular structure of the water by electrolysis, preventing the growth of algae.

Remember it is very important to keep your pool clean, the pool filter will remove the larger impurities, however a vacuum machine will remove the dust inside the pool. Clean the water line regularly with a brush and prescribed product.

And, remember, 60% of the dirt in your pool floats.

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