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Trick or treat?

Trick or treat?

The long dark evenings are upon us already but Christmas is still far enough away to forget about for the moment, so what do we have to look forward to before winter turns up in earnest? Halloween comes at the right time to act as a sort of Hors d‘oeuvre for Christmas.

We all feel a little flat after summer, with many weeks still to go before Christmas our social diaries may be looking a bit empty. What we need is a boost, a little something   to look forward to at an otherwise dead time of year.

Halloween is the perfect time to dig out that little black dress for a test drive before the party season gets under way. Is your party wardrobe looking a bit lack-lustre? This month we are looking at ways to send you to the ball looking like Cinderella rather then the pumpkin! After all those tropical prints and bright summer colours, its nice to be able to dress up in those more sophisticated darker colours, with the added bonus that black is very slimming. Well what better way to get reacquainted with your winter wardrobe then a timely Halloween party?

According to Vogue black is very much “back in” this autumn (did it ever really go away?) and with its Gothic overtones Halloween is one occasion where it might be said that black is compulsory. The little black dress is a no fail option; look for details that flatter your shape, strapless to show off great shoulders waist details to optimize an hourglass figure and pick a length anywhere from mini to right below the knee for the most versatile look and probably the best advice , donÂ’t dress like a teenager, unless youÂ’re a teenager. 

No look is complete without a stunning pair of shoes, however a party can be a trial on the feet so avoid shoes with pointy toes, all high heels are hard on the feet but cramming your toes into shoes with too much of a point can be extremely painful.

Wedge heels are more comfortable then stilettos and the choice is great this autumn with many of the latest Bohemian styles being a wedge heel, stilettos will always be a party season must and we are being told that they are the only shoe for this years old style romance look.

Getting back into your high heels after the summer flip flops can feel a bit like learning to walk again, try these simple tips for reacquainting your feet with heels.

  1. Try just standing in front of a full length mirror and getting used to the way you stand in heels as opposed to your flat shoes, this will also give you a good idea of how different styles suit each costume.
  2. Practise walking around the house in your heels, keep your legs straight and point toes as forward as possible, by doing this you will have a chance to wear in a new pair of shoes before your big night out.
  3. Why not start out with chunkier heels and work your way up to stilettos, try to avoid backless styles or flimsy heels.
  4. Try on shoes late in the day, feet swell during the course of the day and will feel tight if they were purchased early. DonÂ’t make the mistake of thinking you will break them in.


DonÂ’t overdo your makeup
If you want your makeup to look fabulous remember this simple tip, either play up your eyes or your mouth, never both, if you accentuate both features you risk looking dated (remember the 80s) choosing to accentuate your eyes be as dramatic as you like, but stick to lip gloss or a light shade of lipstick, you want your eyes to sparkle but not compete with your lips. Using a strong shade on your lips will mean playing down your eye make up, try just brushing over with a couple of strokes of mascara.

Red lipstick is another must for the coming party season and no Halloween party-goer should be without it, but red lipstick can be very harsh on a pale complexion, go light on the eyes or you risk looking like a clown. Dust face with powder and cheeks with a soft blush, always line lips first to avoid any colour creeping.

One piece of good news is that hair for this autumn is casual; a good way of achieving “the look” is teasing the hair with fingers whilst damp, focus on the crown to give just the right amount of volume, a full head of teased hair however is not a good look (unless it’s a fancy dress party) on longer hair use a light mousse and dry with a diffuser. For shorter styles its best to let the hair dry naturally and just finish off with a light- hold hair spray.

MenÂ’s fashion has always been a bit of a joke with designers trying to put men into anything from a thong to a sarong, a Halloween party therefore is a fairly safe venue, if every one elseÂ’s husband  is dressing in last years old black favourites then yours wont stand out.

If on the other hand your man is a bit of a clothes horse, the people in the know are saying that the only way to dress him up this autumn is like Mr Darcy!

Well that might work for some and if your man is the square jawed dandy type, then all those velvet collars and floppy neck ties could look good, if on the other hand you are stuck with the more Fred Flintstone type then letting him dig out that old black Ben Sherman might just be avoiding the biggest embarrassment of the year.

The morning after
No matter how much we tell ourselves that we won’t do it, somehow we end up drinking a little too much, the party atmosphere lends itself to letting your hair down and before you know it those good intentions have been forgotten. It’s the morning after when we regret that “one for the road” so just how do we deal with the after effects of too much alcohol? There are no sure fire hangover cures but certain remedies do have definite curative properties.

One you may not have heard of is, eating a banana, too much alcohol depletes our vitamin B and this is one of the reasons that we feel so nauseas and lethargic, bananas with their high potassium content are a quick fire way of readdressing the balance. Among other benefits can be listed, magnesium, which revitalizes sugar in the form of Fructose, a natural fruit sugar and antacid that helps with the nauseous feeling by calming pounding blood vessels. Ginger can also be beneficial in calming the nausea, best taken mixed with orange juice.

Black coffee on the other hand is not recommended; caffeine like alcohol is a diuretic and therefore makes the dehydration worse. 

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