Saturday, 15th August 2020

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What goes round...!

What goes round...!

The mayor of manilva has been accused of and arrested for bribery, corruption and perversion of the course of justice.

Is this the end of the parking problems, water shortage, sewerage problems and electricity problems caused by overbuilding and lack of consideration for the infrastructure and tax payers obliged to live under such conditions enforced by his minions?

According to “El Mundo” and other national papers, his arrest by the Policia Nacional makes him number 57 in the total number of persons detained in the case of the “Ballena Blanca” (White Whale).

Pedro Tirado, the mayor of Manilva and his brother in law Francisco C.A. were both arrested on the 13th October 2005 as part of the recent larger swoop for drugs and money laundering, named Ballena Blanca.

Pedro Tirado S., Mayor of Manilva and leader of the Partido Democrático de Manilva (PDEM), is accused of perverting the course of justice and accepting bribes, in connection with abusing his power. First there was an increase in the value of land by changing illegally its usage from rural to urban and subsequently increasing it even further by almost doubling the permitted building density.  His brother in law has been accused and arrested for similar offences.


These transactions would seem to have taken place between the Manilva Council and Royal Marbella Estates S.L. owned by the accused in the operation “Ballena Blanca”.

On searching the homes of the mayor, enough evidence was found to support the accusations, further more some € 770.000 in cash were also found in his home as well as a number of gold Rolex watches that had been previously purchased by a certain Aki Kujala (ex Absolute Marbella) who is already in prison since the beginning of the Ballena Blanca investigation.

According to El Mundo, all bank accounts and other property of the persons and their legal entities have been blocked pending the completion of the investigations.

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