Saturday, 11th July 2020
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Back to basics

If you want to look good in halter necks, bikini tops and anything else that reveals your back – good news! The back is the new cleavage. Kerry Tooke tells us how to make our back look as good as our front!

Of course, because it has loads of sebaceous glands it can get oily and spotty. Before you know it a colony of unsightly bumps and zits have reared their ugly head and are taking over. Now’s the time to splash out on a body brush (The Body Shop have some good natural ones) to get at those hard to reach areas. Not only will it help to clean the pores but invigorate your circulation and get rid of dry, flaky skin. You can also use it to apply a purifying and deep cleansing mask if there is no one on hand to do it for you.

For general smoothness use a body scrub every week and if you are a bit spotty try something with anti bacterial properties like the Australian Bodycare range or Neutrogena Visibly Clear Body Wash which contains a small bit of salicylic acid to unblock pores and remove dead skin.

Finally, finish off with a spritz of dry oil body spray to give your back a nice sheen.


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