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Getting the house in order

Getting the house in order

Its time to turn to home maintenance before winter sets in.

September is the month for us to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief, the children go back to school (halleluiah!) the weather begins to cool and the shops and restaurants are a little less crowded. On the other hand, by the time we have caught our breath, we realize that winter and even Christmas are just around the corner.

September is the ideal time to think about sprucing up the family home. For almost three months the children have been running amuck together with the fact that, on long hot days, all you wanted to do was lie in the shade and not even think about the household chores, all contribute to the fact that our homes can, like ourselves, look a little jaded  after the summer.

So this month we turn our attention to the home and garden. Young children can wreak havoc on your décor, especially the walls, all those little hand prints, the charming murals they sometimes take hours drawing for us, or any number of dents, scrapes or holes. Changing the colour of the walls or even just painting over the bad bits can make a real difference to the whole look of a room.

Once the place is looking bright and fresh again, you can turn your attention more easily to what needs to be done. Is your old suite so covered in throws, that you can’t remember what the original looks like? Then maybe its time you thought about replacing it. Throws are a great way to add a splash of colour or to protect furniture, but if you are using them to cover holes or stains, it’s a bit like putting a picture over a crack on the wall, you still know its there! Changing your suite is a good way to start your makeover.

Trends have a fantastic range of 2 and 3 seater sofas, easy chairs, recliners and even corner unit seating. Leather is a good choice if you have young children or pets, being durable and easy to clean, Trends offer a large choice of seating in leather and all in colours that you can design the room around. New ranges include Actona, a modern Danish range, Richmond traditional Spanish style, with a semi formal appearance, plus many more new lines. One service Trends offer is the complete home furniture pack; design, delivery and installation are all included even down to the tea towels!


If contemporary furnishing is not for you What about something a little different? Retro in Estepona is a good place to go if you like the more unusual, from objects d’art to pictures and the more off the wall furniture. Mirrors can be used to great effect in a room, for example, if you position a large mirror as a focal point in a smaller room, it can have the effect of making that room appear much larger. This is a good interior designer’s trick and something you can use to advantage in your own home. Retro have a multitude of mirrors to choose from, and a selection of frames, you would be bound to find something to suit your colour scheme.
The bedroom
Is another area that sometimes suffers from neglect, during the summer we spend more late nights outside (too hot to sleep) only falling into bed when we can’t keep our eyes open any longer. Now that the evenings are a little cooler we can catch up on our sleep! So how comfortable is your bed? If it is sagging in the middle it is probably not very comfortable or good for your back. Carma Beds have a selection of beds in styles to suit any room. Swedish designed using top quality materials, they can provide everything from guest beds to top of the line comfort. Accessories available include, headboards, side lamps, bed linen and much more.

The garden
May also be looking sorry for itself after the summer; some of the plants will appear tired and spent. We tend to be a little sentimental when it comes to plants, especially those we planted some time ago, but the ruthless approach is sometimes the best. Clearing those borders and starting afresh, is one way of giving the garden a new lease of life, also by replacing some plants you can introduce different colours, heights, or even change the shapes of your borders and flowerbeds.
Our gardening section this month gives tips on cactus, a good choice for low maintenance gardens so, all in all, September is the month for getting your house in order.

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