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If it sounds to good to be true, it is!

But, occasionally something proven comes along to challenge that statement!

The StoxxMove Fund: - A new fund, which was launched on the 1st of October 2003, driven by a computerised trading program with an astonishing track record;

1997 70,3%
1998 185.5%
1999 +39.7%
1998 185.5%
2000 +64.8%
2001 +188.6%
2002 +137.9%
2003 +65.1%
Thus averaging 114%+, over the first 6 year, Back Tested Performance.

So how does it work?

StoxxMove Systems Model:
StoxxMove is a fully compute-rised forecasting and system for futures and options. The basis of the system is an anti-cyclic sentiment indicator. The system is updated daily with market data and can forecast market movements with a high degree of certainty. 

Investment Objectives and Policy:
The principal investment objective of the Fund is to realize capital appreciation on funds under management while actively managing the risk associated with the Fund's trading strategy.

Trading Strategy:
The trading strategy of the Fund is based on the StoxxMove Move Trading Model, which was developed in 1998 by Hermann Fröshl of Munich. The trading model analyses the relationships between various forms of daily market input, such as momentum, put-call relationships, etc. to produce buy and sell signals. The strategy of the Fund is to utilize these buy and sell signals to establish long or short stock index futures positions, which are covered by long put and call options on the stock indexes.


So what are the key benefits?

Phenomenal growth potential:
But remember, this is considered to be a high-risk investment and any monies invested should not form the majority of your investment portfolio or of your capital wealth. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns and the value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Minimum Subscription:
The initial minimum subscription to the Fund is the Euro equivalent of US$ 100,000.
A minimum investment of €10,000 is currently available via Nominee Facility.

Valuation Period:
The valuation period for the Fund will be monthly, on the last business day of each calendar month (the "Valuation Day'), unless such a day is a public holiday in the United States of America, in which case the determination will be made on the nearest preceding day that is not a holiday

Investors may redeem Shares in the Fund on a monthly basis and on an applicable Valuation Day. However, redemptions made in the thirty six (36) months, following the date of a subscription or acquisition if acquired on the secondary market, will be subject to an 'early redemption fee' of 3% the first twelve months, 2% the next twelve months and 1% the last twelve months of the 36 months period. 

"In comparison to other forecasting concepts, the power of forecast is exceptionally good."
-The Banking Institute of the Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich.-

If you are not resident in the UK for UK tax purposes, you may not be liable to UK income tax, but you should check the rules in your country of residence.
For UK residents, your profits will be subject to income tax. However, if you are not domiciled in the UK, a UK tax liability will only arise if you remit your returns into the UK.

BEST ADVICE: If in any doubt, seek professional financial and tax advice and always read any small print carefully to make sure you understand any investment properly.

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