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Take to the water!

Take to the water!

We still have many weeks of summer left to enjoy before the children go back to school. We have done the beach and the bars, so whatÂ’s left?

Well instead of sitting beside the sea why not dive into it?

So weeks of summer still remain, you have burnt yourself to a crisp on the beach, you have had more BBQs then your waistline can handle, you have taken the kids to every theme park on the coast and you have tried every bar, venta and restaurant between Malaga and Mars!

So whatÂ’s left to do? Well why not take to the water? It is everywhere you look after all. We donÂ’t realize a lot of the time just how lucky we are to be on the Costa del Sol, to have, almost on every doorstep, one of the most people friendly stretches of water in the world.

Our piece of the Med has an almost non-existent tide, so you donÂ’t have to worry too much about your kids being swept out to sea, also, unlike some of the more exotic locations, the marine life does not view you as the main course.

Another plus is that a day messing about on the water, is still relatively inexpensive.

Boat charter is one way of getting out on the waves without having to get too hands on and, lets face it, most of us cant tell the pointy end of a boat from the flat end. So if you are not Captain Birdseye, but still fancy a nice gentle bob up and down, this may be the ideal solution for you to fill in a couple of days or hours doing something a little bit different.

Most of the ports along the coast offer some form of boat charter, from the big luxury yachts to the more modest, but just as much fun small sailing boats. There is something to suit all pockets.

Now boat charter may not be to everybodyÂ’s taste so, if you like your entertainments really wet and wild, why not treat yourself to a day at Tarifa? Boasting, as it does, some of the best beaches in Europe, Tarifa is the ideal spot for the more adventurous.


Being the point where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, Tarifa is famous for really big waves! This is the main reason why the web-footed Australians have been flocking there in droves for years.

Wind surfing is the predominant sport in Tarifa as you would expect, but if like me your balance only goes as far as standing on a static surface, then why not check out the many other options available.

One way to really enjoy the sea and its inhabitants is Scuba diving; Tarifa is an underwater paradise with a submerged garden of immense beauty.

Licensed divers will need to bring their diving licence with them, but for beginners there are plenty of certified schools in the area to get you going.

Also on offer in and around Tarifa and Gibraltar is whale and dolphin watching, there are a number of good companies offering what promises to be, and is, a great day out for both children and adults alike. Seeing a whale close up is certainly an experience you will never forget!

Fishing is no longer seen as an old mans sport, or something to take up when your doctor tells you to take it easy. The fishing on the coast can be as gentle or as exiting as you choose. For me, sitting on a deck chair on the shoreline with a few cooled beers, just dangling a fishing rod into the water sounds like a good way to idle away a few hours; but if you take your fishing a little more seriously, then the Costa-del-Sol has lots to offer, yet again, boat charter companies offer good fishing trips, so this is probably your best bet if you do enjoy fishing on a more serious level and I am told there are some really big fish out there!

All in all this part of Spain has some great choices for an alternative to just lying on the beach. Whatever water sport or activity you choose to try, always remember safety first, especially in the case of children, make sure all correct safety clothing is worn and full adult supervision is provided.

The sea can be a lot of fun and nature has provided this fantastic facility for free! ItÂ’s up to you to make the most of whatÂ’s left of summer and what better way of getting the most out of this fantastic location of ours then taking to the water!.

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