Friday, 14th August 2020

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The outdoor room.

The outdoor room.

From a window box, to a wide velvet lawn, we all love our gardens.

There can be no greater pleasure then gazing from your window or terrace down onto a well-maintained and beautifully landscaped garden. We all have different tastes and no two people have the same idea of how that all important “outdoor room” should look. By the same token, just knowing how we would like it doesn’t mean we have the know-how to achieve it. If like me, you can’t tell your Fuchsias from your Foxgloves, then some kind of professional help is a must.

Getting-stuck in yourself
Unless you do have reasonably green fingers, it can lead to costly mistakes later on. There can be no denying gardening is a science and professional landscape gardeners spend many years learning their trade.
Renaldo landscape offer a full design and landscaping service, including garden layout, water features, pool design and supply, paving, patios, tiling and garden maintenance.

Renaldo Pardini started his career in landscaping 22 years ago in South Africa, where he created one of the finest gardens in Johannesburg, many requests from the public and developers of prestigious projects in South Africa, led Renaldo to take up his gardening career.


He went on to study garden design at Kew Gardens, in London and has since worked in South Africa, the Indian Ocean islands, Spain and Gibraltar. Renaldo Landscape has been operating on the Costa del Sol for over two years and has designed some truly fantastic gardens from Calahonda to Sotogrande.
Renaldo Landscape would be a great choice for anyone, whether starting a garden from scratch, redesigning an existing garden or putting in a pool.

Gardening in Spain is very different to what you may have been used to in England and water gardening has become very popular because the sound and movement of water can have a pleasant cooling effect also remember that the long hot summers make the positioning of plants and flowers very important for their successful growth, Renaldo’s experience of Spanish gardening would guard against making costly mistakes.

Renaldo can be invaluable in turning an empty space into a well-designed, beautiful garden that will give you years of pleasure. We choose to live in Spain for the weather and the more relaxed lifestyle, therefore a garden is a must and it’s a fantastic way to spend leisure time, whether entertaining friends and family, a B-B-Que or just sitting relaxing. However you enjoy your garden Renaldo can design it to perfectly suit your needs.          

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