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Charity begins with children

Charity begins with children

An appeal on behalf of the children of Cambodia.

We are proud to tell you that a small group of people from the Costa, yes ”The Costa”, are actually doing something to help children in Cambodia, homeless, street children with no future and no hope, who need rescuing.

They registered VEMDA and, after months of planning and preparations, Dr. Hasse Lundgaard, Dra. Lotta Kure, both from The Dentists SL, assistants Gitte Molgaard Mogensen and Bo Kure last May finally embarked on their flight to Phnom Penh.

In the course of their 2 weeks stay, they used their mobile surgery to treat more than 300 children and some adults with the help of a local Cambodian dentist and her nurse.

Three different other locations, between 1 and 2 ½ hours away from Phnom Penh, were visited, each time erecting and dismantling the mobile surgery in school and orphanages.

The team’s objective is to build a permanent clinic in Cambodia by the end of this year or early next, so that VEMDA’s dentists as well as doctors and nurses may visit twice a year for a period of 14 days each time and have a more permanent base in between the trips with the mobile surgery. Of course this is all voluntary work, paid for entirely by the volunteers themselves.

The idea is not just to treat as many people as possible but also to spend one day at Phnom Penh University to train others to work in their absence. The next trip is planned to take place from the 19th November to 3rd December 2005.

We were glad we had the opportunity to meet with HRH Princess Norodom Narie Ranariddh and her brother, who is the Ambassador of Cambodia in Washington. We were given a very warm welcome and were also promised future cooperation and assistance by the Princess and her organisation ”Sobhana” , created to help children and women.  For example, we were given the use of a warehouse belonging to the Princess, where we can store the equipment and medical supplies we transport to Cambodia.  This in itself is of great value to us and it cuts out the obstructive bureaucracy.

The tour made them realise the real need of these children with the result that Dra Lotte & Bo Kure financially adopted two little boys, with their own private means, to provide them with shelter, food, clothes and education.

These are the lucky ones, we hope that we can appeal to your sense of humanity and ask all that can to help VEMDA rescue or help more children. Just US$250 sponsorship a year helps to support one of these children providing food, clothing, schooling etc. and you will be able to follow his or her progress year by year.

One of the most striking memories is what we saw of the people of Cambodia. Despite all their suffering over so many years, right up to the genocide of 3.5 million Cambodian (40% of the entire population) by Pol Pot’s murderous regime, they just seemed happy, always smiling and trying to share what they have. 
Cambodia is today one of the poorest countries in the world. PLEASE HELP VEMDA TO HELP THEM!

VEMDA is a Registered Spanish Charity Organisation (Voluntary European Medical and Dental Association) with CIF Nº G-92462431







If you are in a position to offer help or if you wish to adopt and sponsor a Cambodian child please contact VEDMA via any of The Dentists telephone numbers or addresses shown at the bottom of this page (click for more information).

Or, if you prefer, you may contact them by sending a mail message on the form provided on the additional information page (after you click, as described above).


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