Thursday, 28th May 2020
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Google changes anger web businesses!

The latest news from the BBC reveal that many businesses are angry that changes to the Google search engine have made it difficult for customers to find them.

It's nothing new for websites to lose their rankings on search engines, but the scale of these changes seem to have surprised surfers. The search engine operators want users to get the most accurate results, so websites must often comply with exacting rules, but the problems search engines face is that everyone wants to be at the top of the results list, which is impossible. Also that can lead to some websites using sneaky methods to get round the system. Sex sites often hide text in their pages so their address will show up when the most innocuous term is typed into the search engine.


Google's changes have puzzled computer users - no-one can work out what they are or why they have been made and as the company has at least a 55% market share, that's affecting many people who rely on it to drive business their way.
 Well they should have listened to the preaching that we made at Web Express Guide ever since we started. We have always been saying that it would happen, and it will happen again just as soon as some smart "cookie" thinks that he has got round the latest changes.
It stands to reason, it is common sense.
Why such a surprise? 
It is what anyone would do to protect his own business from outside interference.

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