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Horoscope July 15th to September 15th

Horoscope July 15th to September 15th

Problems, Money, Career, Health, Love. This may well help you to take a peak and see what may be in store for you between the middle of this month and the middle of September. See what Amethyst predicts for you.


LEO 23-7 / 23-8

You are in a personal pleasure peak this period and can expect financial windfalls and pleasures of all sorts. You will be more body conscious this summer and make long-term commitments to your health. Be fearless and take bold action, now is the time to make things happen in your career. Some think you read can enhance your earnings. 


ARIES 21-3 / 20-4
Love and happiness is the focus for the summer months and you will enjoy socializing with friends. Your health is wonderful and you feel full of vitality, you can expect a financial windfall this period, which gives you ambitious drive in your career. A wedding will be a great place to meet new people, especially that special  someone!

TAURUS  21-4 / 21-5
You will need to watch your health this period as you will be experiencing a lot of good days and bad, exercise can benefit you at this time. Like they say “ you can choose your friends but not your family” the good news is that you will enjoy spending quality time with loved ones. Your love life fills you with confidence after a set back.

GEMINI  21-5 / 21-6
As the communicator of the zodiac, your head will be buzzing with all sorts this period, try to focus on the things you can change, rather than the things you cannot. Children and family play center field this summer and you may find you incorporate them into your career. Love starts off tricky but you can expect a happy outcome.

CANCER  26-6 / 22-7
Marriage and birth fill the summer  and you feel blessed and happy. Family is important in every sector of your life right now and you will feel the benefits financially as well as in your career. In love you can expect to attract the wealthy. Health is good, but you may want to relax more in September.

VIRGO 24-8 / 23-9
Still struggling to find true happiness? You need to find out what you want and then go for it! Health is great this period and you will see the benefits from all the attention you receive. Your finances are peaking and you will find financial prosperity pursuing you. Love can be complicated and unreliable.

LIBRA 24-9 / 23-10
Self-confidence and self-esteem surround you this period and you feel full of joy and happiness. With success all around you, get ready for something big! Opportunity’s to travel bring great social connections. In love you may be more interested in the physical than the emotional.

SCORPIO 24-10 / 22-11
Focus on your career goals this summer! Your efforts will pay off in time. Your spiritual interests will lead to lots of opportunity’s in love as well as business. You can boost your health this period by continuing with harmonious relationships, you look good and your earning power increases.

SAGITTARIUS 23-11/21-12
Try not to rush love! Have patience and you will be greatly rewarded. Your career is moving on nicely and you enjoy your success. Lots of invitations land on your door step and you will be happy to attend them all. Health wise learn to listen to your body, rest and relax when you need too.

CAPRICORN 22-12/20-1
Lucky breaks in your career can lead to pay rises, honors, and recognition. You will be feeling on top of the world, watch your stress levels, all that hard work can take it’s toll on your health. You can expect lots of love opportunities while pursuing your career goals. This is a prosperous time for you , enjoy!

AQUARIUS  21-1 / 19-2
You may do some home improvements this summer which will cause tempers to run high, be sure to keep dangerous objects away from children! Spiritual people are entering your life this period and you may find love in an unexpected place. Helping others with their financial interests  can bring prosperity to your door.

PISCES   20-2 / 20-3
You will need to watch your health this period, try not to burn the candle at both ends. You will be working hard for financial gain and this causes stress levels to run high. In love you are still not sure of commitment and may find yourself battling with your innemost feelings.  socially you will be mixing with the right people to enhance your career.

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