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Anti-ageing for Hair

Anti-ageing for Hair

We may blow the budget on anti-ageing products for our face and body but what about our hair? Kerry Tooke, our beauty and fashion correspondent gives us some advice on what to do to give our hair that youthful look!

You don’t have to be ageing in years to have ‘old’ hair that’s been damaged through illness and being a bit over zealous in the styling department. Then there’s the strong ultra violet rays from the sun and the naturally high salt content of the water here which dehydrates your hair and causes it to deteriorate even more.

Telltale signs of ageing hair

  • It looks dull and lifeless
  • You have a dry and uncomfortable scalp
  • Thinning and split ends
  • Coarse and brittle hair prone to breaking

To avoid looking like Worzel Gummidge and more like Jennifer Aniston follow our tips to turn back time and revitalise your hair.

  • Don’t over dry your hair
  • Use heat protective products when blow drying/heat styling
  • Don’t brush your hair when wet – use a wide tooth comb
  • Look after your hair and scalp from the inside out with a balanced diet, vitamins and regular restorative treatments
  • When shampooing massage and stimulate your scalp
  • When colouring your hair, get it done by a professional
  • Don’t use straightening irons every day.


Recommended products
Use anti chlorine/ salt shampoos to remove the impurities and restore the hair’s natural balance before you go into the water. Try:

Joico Phine’ Conditioning Chelating treatment – (150ml – €15) &  Resolve Chelating shampoo (150ml - €8.50)
Designed for the removal of product build up and mineral deposits and forms a protective barrier against chlorine. After putting on the conditioning treatment you remove it using the shampoo to make the perfect restorative treatment.
Kerastase Aqua Protective
(100ml – €20)
A lightweight anti drying protection for hair in the sun

Kerastase NEW!!!! Reflection range
Bain Miroir 2 – (250ml – €16.50)
This is a rich and luxurious shine revealing shampoo that helps eliminate product build up removing any dull residue and boosts colour radiance. The quality of the hair is transformed by smoothing the surface of the hair fibre. 

Joico & Kerastase
available at leading hair salons.

Product prices supplied by Colour & Cutting Crew, Nueva Andalucia telephone 952 81 33 28

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