Tuesday, 4th August 2020
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Why do you need a Spanish Lawyer?

Why do you need a Spanish Lawyer?

The most valuable piece of advice anyone could give you before approaching a legal matter on the sunny coasts of Spain is: “When in Rome, you must do as the Romans do!”.

If you are not Spanish, you must ensure that you consult a local lawyer who, as well as speaking your language, is also familiar with legislation in your own country. Bear in mind that what you do in Spain, whether you are resident here or not, will have direct legal implications `back home.Â’

Awareness of legislation in Spain as well as in your own country is the only way to ensure that an established law firm can be judged by the quality of its services.

We always make a point of explaining how a particular transaction is dealt with in Spain, compared to similar arrangements in your country of origin in order to ensure that the differences and implications are clearly understood.


Our policy is to carefully listen to our clientsÂ’ needs and then work with them to find the solution that best meets with their needs.

These days it is no longer enough to be a professional, it is of capital importance to maintain a high level of quality service, training, sound management and a credible business attitude.

At Blanco Abogados, we are convinced that long term clients represent the only base for successful organisations, particularly service companies like ours. The only way is to maintain a quality based on endeavour, responsibility and empathy with all our foreign clients living in Spain.

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