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Horoscope June - July 2005

Horoscope June - July 2005

Problems, Money, Career, Health, Love. This may well help you to take a peak and see what may be in store for you between the middle of this month and the middle of July. See what Amethyst predicts for you.


CANCER  26-6 / 22-7

You have the power to change your life for the better, even when things and people hold you back. Your career is taking off and you may find yourself pulled in two directions. Prosperity is very strong this month with windfalls and opportunity’s coming your way. Treat the family to a holiday? If single, you may find love linked with money! A trip to the bank could be very rewarding.


ARIES 21-3 / 20-4
The pitter patters sound of tiny feet this month? You will show a great interest in children. Love is all about having a good time, try to relax a little and see what develops from there, and if in a relationship remember that the passion of those honeymoon days can be re-lighted if you work a bit harder. Finances are going well and you will find you have a little bit more cash in your wallet.

TAURUS  21-4 / 21-5
What’s the hurry? Put things in perspective you will be making big decisions shortly.
Your health may take a battering as your stress levels are running high, take things slowly. You will find great pleasure in your home and family as this is a period of great dependence on the people closest to you.

GEMINI  21-5 / 21-6
You are happy and contented with your home and family, which brings inner peace to your chaotic and busy mind. Finances are looking better, you have learned a lesson in the last few months; debt may become easier to bear and you have more control of your spending. This is a great time for study and with your active mind there is a whole world of topics just waiting for you to explore.

LEO 23-7 / 23-8
Lots of activity, you find there are not enough hours in the day. Success is still very important to you and there will be plenty of job opportunities. Travel and education go hand in hand, this is a chance to enhance your career, get those bags packed. In love you could use some time alone to think things through, love is never easy, as they say, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.

VIRGO 24-8 / 23-9
You are going to sort your life out this month. So you keep saying!  You will start to wrap up things in your career and focus more on family issues. You will take more of an interest in your appearance and this really works for you. In love you will still find that it is not the right time to get serious, but looking as good as you do, you will have plenty of admirers.

LIBRA 24-9 / 23-10
Career success surrounds you and you will be feeling very satisfied with your progress.
Your newly found independence allows you to take hold of your life in a new and interesting way. Love is complicated, you or your partner may be feeling stressed out!  You have a very busy social life, which brings financial opportunities. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of a business opportunity.

SCORPIO 24-10 / 22-11
You will be working very hard; focus on your own needs, rather than the needs of others. If you find yourself in a new profession, do bite your tongue as your demanding boss can make you feel like you have just joined the army. Financial deals are moving forward, trust in your intuition, all will be revealed shortly! Love is ok this month if not a little boring; try to spice it up a little.

SAGITTARIUS 23-11/21-12
You may feel frustrated by set backs but try to remember “as one door closes, a new door opens”.
Home and family life still remain strained but focusing on your career now will bring good fortune in the future. You may find yourself going backwards in relationships. This is a time to review and re-valuate your decisions. If single you may find love in foreign lands.

CAPRICORN 22-12/20-1
This is a month to have some fun! Let go of your inhibitions and take a risk. Doors are opening up for you in your career, now is the time to take action! There maybe some form of construction going on in the home, remember “safety comes first” Financially look at projects more closely, “what goes around comes around” so helping others at this time will increase your prosperity.

AQUARIUS  21-1 / 19-2
Life is full of obstacles and surprises and you may find yourself forced to make a decision that you may not like. Love and marriage reach a stressful level and you might want to make amends for something you have done. Try to choose your friends wisely! You may find love with someone who follows your spiritual path, magical things are about to happen!

PISCES   20-2 / 20-3
You will find yourself putting other people first this month, this is a good thing as you will need their support in the future. You find yourself battling again with your spiritual and professional side.
This is not the best time for you to ask for a pay rise or loan, especially from elders. You need to stand on your own two feet! In love you may find yourself getting too involved too soon.

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