Thursday, 4th June 2020

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A Pod of  Fun

A Pod of Fun

This small article was submitted to us by 15 years old Mavie Everdosa, who would like to become a writer. She asked us if we would publish it. And why not, after all a trip to see the dolphins is an experience that everyone should try.

This was not the first time I have seen dolphins, living as I have for many years in South Africa.
I have seen them in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, but never have I seen so many in such large pods. It was truly an amazing experience for me to see them so playful, leaping high into the air as if to impress the boatful of watchers.

Carol has been organizing trips for the last 16 years and her boat has been used for filming by Sky TV and the BBC among others for filming nature programs.

Several varieties of wild life can be seen in Gibraltar waters and coastal Spain: whales, turtles, flying fish and sometimes an occasional shark as well as the dolphins. Dolphins are closer to my heart as they are so much more intelligent than other sea mammals.

We had left the mooring in La Linea in bright morning sunlight with a calm sea. We were welcomed aboard by the proprietor, Carol. This morning we would be in the capable hands of Captain Sergio Garcia whose endless years at sea were soon obvious as we headed into the Bay of Algeciras.


Soon ahead we could see a splashing, signifying that we were approaching our first sighting. I was aghast at their number, showing off their immense talent to their audience of watchers. We then moved on a little nearer to the Straits of Gibraltar and saw lots of flying fish that seemed to tease the even larger pod of dolphins, making our entertainment even better.

They were diving so close under the boat we could almost touch them.

Oh, too soon we were heading back! Sergio took the boat in close to the shoreline of Gibraltar to give us a good view.

As we entered close to the harbour a magnificent cruise liner was at the dockside, its’ many passenger ashore visiting the ‘Rock’.Amateur with a camera though I may be, I am truly proud at the photos I took and I would like to share them with you.

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