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Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates

Andrea Booth, the owner of Bizzybodies and qualified teacher through American Council on Exercise (ACE), in USA and Fitness Pilates, explains what “Fitness Pilates” are.

Although Pilates (pronounced Pil-ah-tes) is a fairly new and certainly fashionable “buzz”  word today, it is actually a  method of body conditioning developed nearly 100 years ago in Germany by itsÂ’ name-sake, Joseph H Pilates, who developed it from a rehabilitation tool to a training system aimed at dancers.

The theories and applications of his techniques even now, combined with the industryÂ’s improved knowledge of the way the body works, have enabled the Pilates method to be widely available to the general public as an effective way of exercising.

The techniques used in Pilates concentrate on strengthening, lengthening and toning muscles as well as improving posture, balance and flexibility.


The beauty of Pilates is that once you have mastered the exercises you can use the technique in all areas of your life. They not only make you stronger, but also teach you to become aware of your body and how to use it.  Pilates shows you how to breathe efficiently and relax properly an essential for anyone feeling stress in their daily life.

Fitness is not merely about being able to execute a set of exercises in class or at the gym. Fitness is being able to function better and more efficiently on a daily basis in your everyday life. 

You can experience the benefits of Pilates at Bizzy Bodies. A group exercise class based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, aimed at the healthy adult, it is NOT A REHABILITATION course. Anyone with ongoing bio-mechanical problems should consult their practitioner prior to commencing any type of exercise programme. Fitness Pilates is not suitable for pregnant women.

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