Sunday, 9th August 2020

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Decibels,helmets and dangerous driving.

Decibels,helmets and dangerous driving.

As announced on the local councilÂ’s newspaper, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of May once more saw the wild congregation of motorbikes in the streets of Manilva, Sabinillas and surrounding areas, joined by the local bikers.

Many of the local riders were not wearing helmets, some carrying young children on the front, some doing dangerous “wheelies” by the pedestrian crossings, many exceeding the level of legal noise tolerance permitted, having deliberately tampered with their exhausts with the object of making the infernal sound, one or two drove at speeds which seemed well in excess of the limit.

What is even more surprising is that all this took place under the sponsorship, invitation and financing of the local council and the cooperation of the local police that were clearly in attendance.

We only heard of one incident, when the Guardia Civil actually caught a rider on the Carretera for not wearing a helmet, fined him 80 euros and made him walk home to get a helmet.


It is of little wonder that the local youngsters continue to defy the law by exceeding the permissible decibel levels, speed limits and other legal requirements, when they are treated with such indulgence.

This seems rather unfair when car drivers, who represent the respectable citizens, many of them the foreign residents, who actually made the major contribution towards the wealth and well being of the area that we see today, seem to be deliberately persecuted with parking fines due to the lack of parking facilities available.

Now that high prices and low quality service on the Costas have succeeded in discouraging tourism to its present level, letÂ’s hope that residential tourism is not equally discouraged.

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