Saturday, 15th August 2020

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This beats them all!

This beats them all!

It must be true that to be copied is the best form of flattery, because the main reason for copying is to do something better than one is capable of.

We have been copied before, sometimes we point it out, mainly we just do not bother, but this one takes the biscuit.

First they changed the size of their magazine to almost identical measurements as our Web Express Guide. “Hmmm!”  They even changed the finish of their outside covers to go with it. Hmmm, again!

But this time they have actually copied, not just the idea of our cover feature, but the cover image itself as well as some text. 

Where will it stop? Do they think they can become us? If that happens they would not be able to copy us any more.


We have tried to speak to them on the phone, just to seek a civilised assurance that they would not do so any more, unfortunately we were not permitted to put in a word in edgeways. All we got is loud, verbal diarrhoea and some abuse. It was like trying to talk to a demented person.

They seem to have overlooked the fact that we reach a considerably greater number of readers than they do and that we do not need to translate our articles from German into English.

Thank you “Finest” for showing everyone your finest talents and for awarding us with this finest example of flattery.

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