Wednesday, 27th May 2020

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Residential Tourism is our future.

Residential Tourism is our future.

Spain still is the best bet for a peaceful, sunny summer, despite the higher prices.

There seem to be economic problems all over Europe this month, including in Britain, where a drop in consumer spending has been noted. As the Costa depends on foreign income, the prospects of large numbers of summer tourists do not appear too optimistic.

We already know that newer members to the E.U. are doing their best to entice that business away from Spain with more attractive, cheaper prices, while it is said that price levels on the Costa have reached disproportionate heights.


But surely we have not forgotten that the history of “those poorer, unstable countries” had presented a hostile and unattractive prospective to tourism until quite recently? Do we really believe that their ways have changed?

Meanwhile, we now even seem to have doubts about the unification of Europe. Let’s hope that people’s attitude, business and local authorities here see the economic sense in making the Costa a continued attractive land for residential tourism, which benefits everyone all year round and not just for some two months in the year.

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