Thursday, 4th June 2020
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It seems like everyone is jumping on the Internet wagon at the moment and having your own site is the best way for people all over the world to find information either on your own business or on yourself.

by Edwin Gladstone

Now, before you decide that you want your own site, you should know a little bit more about the technical side of the Internet. If you have decided to start your own Internet site now or plan to in the future, one of the first things that you need is a good domain name....

DOMAIN NAMES. A domain name is what your web address will be once you have set it up on a server. This can be anything from to and allows people to access your site directly over the Internet. I

f you are thinking of setting up a website, you can register a domain name through one of many sites. is the biggest of these and the registration process is pretty straight forward. and many other sellers or re-sellers are available, though you may wish to contact a company that knows more about the Internet start up process than you do.

Most companies may be able to offer you better deals on domain names because of the large volume that they buy for clients on a regular basis. There are few laws governing domain names and you can choose what you want (or is available).

If you are looking to create a high traffic site, there are some things you should know.

Keep it short. The key to choosing a domain name is to pick something that people will remember. Keep it as short as possible and, to save you time, it may be worth mentioning that almost every 3 and 4 letter word names and the use of numbers have already been registered. Do not waste your time looking for or

Make sense. As well as keeping your domain name short, try to make it sensible as well. If your site is about movies, a very popular type, the chances of your finding a name with the word movie is slight. EG Instead think of a domain that says it without using the word, EG It may not be as short as you would like it, but it gives people the idea of what you do.

.Com The value of the .com at the end of a domain is vastly underestimated, it is the first thing that people think of when using an Internet address. So, if people are randomly looking for a site using the address bar, they are most likely to type in .com at the end than ALWAYS register the .com domain if it is available.


Think long term. The most common extension is the .com (commercial) If you are in the U.K.,, Spain .es, etc. You will notice that the extensions on domain names refer to the country within which they trade, reside, etc. This applies to businesses looking to set up on the Internet for the first time, more than individuals looking to have some fun.

If you are setting up an E- business (Electronic Business means you are going on line, ‘Internet’) remember to register the important extensions that you can afford for your web address. So if you register, make sure that you actually,.org,, etc. more so for security reasons, or if your e-business is successful or has a good domain name other individuals or companies may try to profit from this by buying your name in the hope that Internet users will use that address instead of yours. This means you may lose potential traffic and business.

MEMORY BAR Most people are now aware that you do not need to use a search engine in order to go to the address that they are looking for. Simply type in the address eg. and press return.

Also when you have visited an address more than once, your Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator will remember the address. If you start typing the address for the second time, a pull down bar will open up below the address bar, displaying the websites that you have visited, using the first letters that you have typed. If the address that you are looking for is amongst them, selecting it will save you the time and effort of typing it out again.

Should it be the case that the address you want is complicated and you are likely to use it often  save it as either a Favourite on Internet Explorer or as a Bookmark on Netscape Navigator, that way you can select it every time you want to use it without having to type it out. Simply select new Bookmark or Favourite and type the name of the address. You do not have to type in the www. before the address. If the server you are about to download from has been organised correctly, then all you need is the name of the site and the “dot” com, net, etc.... and that will take you straight to it. 

CUT BACK ON PRINTING COSTS. If you are looking to copy some information off the Internet for your own personal use, you do not need to print off some 12 pages of useless text or pictures when what you are after takes just 1 page or less. Just like in a word program, you can highlight the text and picture you need, the right-click and select copy. This will copy everything, text, tables and pictures. Then open a word program, select a new document, click on the document and select paste. The text will now be editable and cut out the bits you do not need.  It will save you paper and expensive ink.     

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