Saturday, 30th May 2020

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The second Edition of Web Express Guide

The second Edition of Web Express Guide

The second edition of Web Express Guide confirms the success of the concept. This month we draw parents' attention to what their children may be exposed to when they go online.

by Edwin Gladstone

Well here it is, the second edition of Web Express Guide. It is now one month since our first edition and I must say that I am very pleased with the reception that it has received.

Judging by the number of e-mails sent in and the comments voluntarily made by so many  people, it would clearly seem that Web Express Guide is welcomed on the Costa. I cannot resist publishing a couple of comments which have particularly pleased me:

“I have today discovered your Web Express Guide. I think it is a very good idea and concept...........”
(L.H. - Manilva)

“Congratulations on your brilliant idea to publish a web directory here on the Coast!”
(M.R. - Marbella)

Thank you. Also, many thanks to all the other readers who have contacted me with similar comments, I am replying to you all. Please keep sending  them, I really like this!

What has also been most encouraging is the speed at which the copies of the guide have literally disappeared from the distribution points. So much so that we have been called back for further supplies even before we could finish our rounds. Some readers, who had heard of the guide but could not get one, have phoned to obtain a copy.  


We too have learned a few things and we shall always endeavour to upgrade our publication, of course, the more support we get the more we can do in that direction.

I am glad that we have managed to coincide the inclusion of the directory on the Internet itself with the time of publication. The fact that the whole of the directory is also available on the Net and that the subscribers' addresses are linked to their own sites, has raised quite a lot of interest. It works! Do not be so surprised! 

As predicted, the directory is growing and it will change every month as new subscribers inflate the ranks. We have been working flat out, but we are still looking for more sales staff with the object of speeding up the process.

This month's edition is dedicated to a subject that seems to concern  parents. It may even be the case that some parents are not entirely aware that their children have access to unsuitable material on the Internet.

The most beautiful aspect of childhood is its candid innocence and I think that, these days, children grow up and learn fast enough about the realities of life without any additional technological assistance and should be protected from unnecessary interference, especially when parents may not approve or even be aware of it.

I am looking forward to the readers' response on this particular subject and to receiving suggestions as to what other topics may be of interest in future editions. 

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