Thursday, 16th July 2020
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The Chinese Remedy. You can be a Doctor!

The Chinese Remedy. You can be a Doctor!

This month Ruth Salesa explains that Home cures are on the increase as thousands of people use home remedies; some are based on superstition and white magic. A surprising number of them work!

Grandma, the old-fashioned, all-purpose, do-it-yourself doctor, may have been right after all. More and more physicians are taking a closer look at home remedies and finding many of them effective.  Even pharmaceutical companies are showing a renewed interest in herbs and plants as substitutes for expensive synthetics.

Most of these remedies are found in or near the home.  A few of the best remembered one are:-

HONEY was used to relieve constipation and even prevented it if taken regularly. Honey was said to develop new blood, relieve stuffy noses and sinusitis and even stop bed wetting. Modern medical science emphasizes the restorative power of honey. We still don’t know how it works; we only know that it does.

YEAST was believed to strengthen muscles, cure constipation and acne. Still today, weight lifters or body builders take brewer’s yeast regularly. 

FISH has long been called food for the brain because it makes you brighter. Medical science recommends fish as a good source of protein.

If you get a cinder in your eye, rubbing the other eye, would remove the irritation. This is sometimes true because, rubbing the eye, causes blinking and produces tears that can brush or wash out the cinder. 

Letting a wound bleed gets rid of bacterial infection. This is true.


Folk wisdom advises us to rub mustard on the chest to relieve a cough. Many people rub Vicks on their chests and believe their colds and coughs improve as a result.

Use a linseed poultice to draw a boil.  

A lump of sugar in brandy relieves a sore throat. The sugar gives the brain energy, the brandy dulls the discomfort of the sore throat. 

Nose bleeds may be stopped by putting a silver coin under the upper lip. It doesn’t take modern science to tell you that pressure stops bleeding.

Indigestion was eased by taking two teaspoons of soda in a glass of water.  Many still use it as a remedy for an upset stomach.

Apple cider vinegar, mixed in a glass of water and taken several times a day, was said to relieve arthritis, pain, sinusitis, morning sickness due to pregnancy, to destroy intestinal bacteria and cure shingles, hives and night sweats. One of the reasons why this sometimes works is due to the Vitamin C in the apple cider vinegar.

If you have a specific question about oriental medicine and cures, please contact Ruth Salesa at She will be more than happy to answer you.

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