Thursday, 9th July 2020
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Neck & Back Pain

Figures show that approximately 1.5% of the European population suffers from chronic back pain and 50% of working adults in America claim to have a back injury which can lead to disa-bility in adults under 45 years of age.

The problem is much too extensive to be able to cover it in a short magazine article, but we can illustrate some instances just to explain what it may be about. Patients describe different pains in many different ways; just remember that the advice is that at all times they must be evaluated by their doctor.
Back pain caused by abdominal or pelvic problems, is usually due to the stretching of sensitive areas.
Pain with origin at the spine, which could be located in the back and neck.
Coughing and contractions can cause radical pain that radiates from the spine to the legs within the nerve root.
Muscle spasm pain, can be caused by posture problems.
One of the most common causes of back pain is a disease to the lumbar or sacral disks, which affects L4- L5 or L5-S1 area.

Although the causes of this disease are unknown, the rising number of sufferers of the disease is due to the increase in obesity within our society, as indivi-duals are becoming more and more overweight.


If you suffer from this type of back disease you should take into account the following preventative procedures:

  •  Do not lift heavy objects.
  •  When at all lifting, put pressure on your legs to take the weight.
  •  Try to sit on chairs with armrests and with a back rest at 90º.
  •  Use an anatomical specified bed mattress.
  •  When getting up, roll on your side to propel yourself up with your arm.
  •  Once the pain has subsided, avoid jogging but do try walking exercises.

X-rays and scans can identify with exactitude the medical condition of the patient with neck and back pain - your doctor will help with this procedure.

Once the cause has been diagnosed, a course of action can be evaluated. The root cause of the pain needs to be determined so as to relieve the pain with the correct procedure whether by medication or manipulation treatment by specialists.

Back pain can be overcome very easily once the pain and cure are identified before it gets so bad that it ruins your life.

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