Monday, 1st June 2020

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Adverts are not press releases.

Adverts are not press releases.

Press releases are news, but advertisements are not.

As a successful free publication on the Costa for more than 5 years, depending on revenue from advertising; we always do our utmost to ensure that readers and consumers like what we do so that, while reading the publication, they might take a peek at the advertisements. That’s how it works!

What does annoy me are the intermediaries who get paid for sending adverts to the media under the pretext that they are “press releases” and therefore should be published free.

I don’t know how many publications fall for it, but I have recently returned a load of such “press releases” back to an advertising agency, that has been bombarding us with such mail for some time.


I told them that true press releases sell newspapers and advertising has to be paid for. There is a big difference between Demi Moore announcing her pregnancy (perhaps) and a golf shop stocking a new brand of golf gear.

Having said this, it doesn’t leave me with me much room for anything else, but then we all know about the new Pope, and that Blair is back to do his worst. No wonder there was a low turn out of voters, all those worth a bean have moved here to the Costa!

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