Thursday, 28th May 2020

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Horoscope April to May

Horoscope April to May

Problems, Money, Career, Health, Love. This may well help you to take a peak and see what may be in store for you between the middle of this month and the middle of March. See what Amethyst predicts for you.

TAURUS  21-4 / 21-5

Lucky you! You have a great month ahead full of happiness and prosperity, you are back in the game with confidence and determination. what should you do next? You could try to find a balance between your career and family but that would be too much like hard work. How about love? You are going to have to bolt down the hatches as a big storm is on its way. That new found confidence should come in handy.


ARIES 21-3 / 20-4
Finance dominates your life this month not only for you but also for your partner, you are planning ahead and trying to complete those important goals you have set.
You have a great prosperous period ahead of you and your partner will be very co-operative, which makes a change.
You are the life of the party this month and you will dazzle people with your wit and knowledge.
In love if you are single you will be drawn to wealth but still want the complete package (if that’s possible)

GEMINI  21-5 / 21-6
Being bold is something a Gemini does not need to work on, so take a good look at your goals and go that extra mile and you will have your way. With your competitive streak you will be enjoying the competition in your career.
Your wondering mind will lead you to spiritual places, enjoy and relax. Love is getting better by the day and you will be overwhelmed with opportunities.

CANCER  26-6 / 22-7
If you are thinking about a house move this month, you might want to pause for thought. Health is better this month and you are learning to relax more, you have more energy  which allows you to see things more clearly. Your finances are great and this gives you a confidence boost, in love you will be searching for that balance to keep both of you happy. It’s a pity that life’s not that perfect.

LEO 23-7 / 23-8
You are a busy bee! With all that hard work you maybe rewarded with a promotion or pay rise. Staying focused on your career brings amazing results. Remember you reap what you sew!
You want to be amongst the big boys and this gives you the drive to move forward. It’s a pity you are not as sure about your love interests, you are like a yo yo this month going back and forth.

VIRGO 24-8 / 23-9
Ask and you shall receive! Pay rises and promotions are on the cards and your career is taking a turn for the better. If you crave recognition for your work then you will get it this month.
Love is a sensitive subject and you may say goodbye to a relationship, you are struggling with your desire to elevate in your career and have quality time with your partner. Sexual tension can also be an issue.

LIBRA 24-9 / 23-10
Your health plays a big part in your life this month and you may decide to detox or start an exercise program, you will be happily joined by your partner. Take this new health regime into the bedroom, there seems to be a stale mate with your finances and there is little you can do at the moment. It might be an idea to stop unnecessary spending this month. Expect lots of surprises in love.

SCORPIO 24-10 / 22-11
Romance is in the air and weather married or single you will defiantly be enjoying yourself. You would be wise to start a financial plan this month as your finances are more complicated than you think. It would also be wise not to make any big investments, there is a time and a place for everything. Only this month is not the time. If you are looking for employment try to place more importance on enjoyment than wealth.

SAGITTARIUS 23-11 / 21-12
You are a social god this month and enjoy lots of social activities that could lead to love.
You are starting to awaken those ambitions and dreams you have about your career. After last months home improvements you would have thought you would   have had enough, no such luck! Still at least your expressing yourself artistically, health and love walk hand in hand.

CAPRICORN 22-12 / 20-1
Why is life so complicated? You can choose your friends but not your family, but this month you wish you could. You will be fighting a losing battle as far as family is concerned and you can’t seem to do anything right, try to remain calm.
There is a lot happening in your career right now and could lead to new job opportunities. Unlike your conservative Capricorn nature you are spending like there’s no tomorrow.

AQUARIUS 21-1 / 19-2
You need to be careful you don’t upset family this month by paying too much attention to your career, missing out on family outings can only cause you distress. Financially you will need to dot the I’s and cross the t’s before moving forward with bold plans.
This can cause a disagreement with your lover, overall love is good and you may prefer romantic nights in, to going out on the town.

PISCES 20-2 / 20-3
Home and family are very strong this month and you will enjoy spending quality time with them, you will spend a lot of time thinking about your career and dreams. Have patience all will come in good time.
Financially there are opportunities waiting for you, what do you desire?
Spending how you see fit gives you great satisfaction. In love you are still drawn to wealth but now also seek emotional and intellectual fulfilment, if only it was that easy.  

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