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The WXPG Food Review: The Tunnel Restaurant - Gibraltar

The WXPG Food Review: The Tunnel Restaurant - Gibraltar

Gibraltar - Open: Every Day for Lunch and Dinner until late

by Edwin Gladstone

The Staff
Although the restaurant can get pretty busy, there are plenty of smartly dressed staff, and we have found them to be polite and attentive at all times. We did not feel ignored or overlooked as you do in some places.

This is a very unusual eatery. A forty foot long bar with hundreds of different beers and drinks and an extensive menu, makes the Tunnel an ideal contender for the Gibraltar club and pub scene. Judging by the amount of people enjoying their lunch, it would seem obvious that this is a favourite location at lunch time, but we have heard that it is also a popular place for meeting friends after work. Week-end nights are probably livelier because there is live entertainment and competitions. It should be mentioned that the restaurant includes large screens for viewing sport and current events and it also has a huge terrace outside.

The Menu
André, the owner of this restaurant, has had considerable experience; some readers might remember “The Viceroy of India”, one of his outstanding past successes. Therefore it follows that the Tunnel offers an extensive menu to cater for every taste, from funky dishes to suit all ages to international cuisine and with a menu that changes daily. All food is prepared on the premises fresh each day from their open plan kitchen. You can see your meal being prepared.  There are additional menus depending on the time of day, such as breakfast, specials, sizzling fish, children’s, pastas, etc. Due to the success, André is planning to open another location close by that we shall tell you about at a later date.

Wine List
As expected, when you have a 40ft long bar, with all sorts of drinks, the wine list is quite extensive, enough to please any palate. We opted for the house wine, Faustino VII. The cocktail list is endless, but you also have specials at reduced price as a daily feature. A choice of four different cocktails is on offer each day of the week.



Prawn Cocktail
When it arrived, we started wondering if we could eat anything else after it. FBA – Plentiful is an understatement!! The prawns tasted absolutely fresh, just as one would expect. The pink sauce, with its distinctive seasoned flavour, formed the perfect combination.
Team score – 10/10

Chips & Cheese
We chose this because it sounded rather strange and we were curious. When it arrived we could see that it was home made potato chips kept hot in a ceramic dish, very crispy and soaked with cheddar cheese. FBA – We thought it was rather unusual but it actually tasted very good and I could not stop eating them. 
Team score – 9/10
Main Courses

Sautéed Breast of Chicken
Served with creamy, peppered brandy sauce, pilaf rice and a small salad garnish. FBA - The chicken breasts were very tender and juicy, but the additional creamy sauce completed a delicious blend, which just had to be eaten with the rice.
Team Score 9/10

Moroccan Lamb
Served on a hot plate with rice. FBA – We have never tasted a better Moroccan Lamb. It was tender, almost melting in the mouth, the sauce was simply beautiful and it complemented the rice to perfection. I’ll have that again! Team Score – 10/10

Rice, potatoes, jacket potatoes, side salad, vegetarian food are also all available additionally.

Home Made Ice-Cream

Made on the premises available in an endless choice of toppings and fruits. We chose the vanilla ice-cream with strawberry sauce. FBA – The flavour was clean, fresh and full, like a home made ice-cream should be.  Team Score – 10/10

Fudge Cake
Served with fresh cream. FBA – We wanted to try this to see if it was different, however although it was very good, it was not as special as the other plates were 8/10
Team Score – 8/10

We were pleased to have decided to try a restaurant in Gibraltar, but we re were even more pleased of the choice we made. The atmosphere was excellent and it was busy, the food was very, very good and what is incredible is that despite the expected level of noise, because of the number of people and televisions, we did not feel affected and we conversed as one normally does. Certainly worth a special trip to Gibraltar.


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