Monday, 1st June 2020

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We are pleased to have received a first valuation request for our antiques section

We are pleased to have received a first valuation request for our antiques section

In order to encourage you to keep this up, we have decided to test your own ability and ask you to place a value on an item. The first right answer will receive the prize, have fun.

The introduction to our new logo was a complete success and I am delighted that it is so well liked.
I was stopped in the street this month and it was pointed out to me that I should have named who it was that Gordon Bray had stated let him down, because not identifying them was reason for speculation and possibly misunderstanding with regards to other people. In order to rectify this point I shall therefore disclose that the company in question was Lakeinlaw.
Although it may appear that Spring has eluded us this year, there is no doubt that Summer is here and it looks quite set to stay, therefore we now look forward to more settled times as well as weather.


Meanwhile, more and more people seem to have made their minds up to leave the U.K. and football fans have again disgraced a proud nation in front of the whole world. As they are so thirsty for a fight, the best solution is to round them up and drop them on the Afghanistan Hills to look for and fight rebels. See if that knocks the wind out of their sails!
A big welcome to those of you who are arriving on the Costa to enjoy the homes you bought for your holidays, but please, oh please do not spoil the locals and accept to pay over the odds for goods and services that you buy. We are in Spain and prices should be cheaper, after all we, who live here, do not wish to pay British prices with Spanish incomes, just because we are British. Remember, you might even decide to live here permanently yourselves.

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