Sunday, 20th September 2020
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They do not have the right!

First they permit meat products (offal) to be fed to ruminants and cause the mad cow disease.

Then they mass grow chickens like they were sardines, feed them wit God knows what and cause an epidemic. It is not even safe to eat an egg any more. Then they genetically modify plants and we still do not know what the price for it is. Now they want to ban all natural products and remedies that have been used for thousands of years and which offer us less aggressive remedies, practically free of secondary effects.
What motive could there possibly be to stop one using a preferred remedy and what business is it of anyone what remedy one personally chooses to cure himself? What are they doing, do they really want to exterminate the human race?
It makes me rather angry to think that those "fat" pharmaceutical producers are seeking to expand the boundaries of their monopoly and wealth at the expense of mankind.

This directive, camouflaged as the "The Food Supplements Directive" is the first of a rash of EU Directives that are set to have a major impact on the availability of leading-edge food supplements and, if unchallenged, will effectively ban around 5000 products currently available in more advanced EU supplement markets such as the United Kingdom. This includes products containing over 300 vitamin or mineral forms disallowed by the directive, many being food-state nutrients rather than synthetic or inorganic forms.

 In fact the process has already begun and the Food Supplements Directive, passed into EU law in June 2002, is implemented by Member State governments. In a bid to give companies time to comply with the draconian laws, the bans will not become effective until 1 August 2005.


The European Commission (EC) is right now proposing three new pieces of legislation which will greatly restrict the supply and innovation of natural health products in the European Union.

One Directive, the Food Supplements Directive, has already been passed into EU law and was transposed in to EU member state laws between July and September 2003.

The other two directives, the amendments to the Pharmaceuticals Directive and the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, passed through First Reading of the European Parliament in October and November respectively of 2002.

Both have had substantial amendments made to them, several of which the Alliance for Natural Health has been instrumental in tabling and securing. Many of these amendments will potentially benefit innovative dietary supplement manufacturers as well as practitioners and consumers who presently rely on their products.

Please do look up for more detailed information and join the fight to save the human race from the doings of maniacs that only think of lining their pockets as well as to preserve our right as human beings to make and stand by our own choices.

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