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Resuming Activity: Timing

When to allow a patient to resume normal activity is one of the most delicate aspects of sports medicine, because the time factor usually comes into play.

Players and athletes are always impatient enough to be willing to sacrifice their future for the sake of the immediate present.

Therefore it is advisable to recognize the different stages of treatment and healing, setting dates according to actual rather than statistical expectations.

Following any period of inactivity, there are three stages that must always be recognised. These will determine the time of returning to any sporting activity from the date of "medical release" and can be summarized as follows:

Stages Normal Activiti Basic Training Sport Season
PHATOLOGY Healed Elastic Reinforced
TIME Post-Incativity Slow Progression Post-Training
RECOVERY Normal Special Certified


With this physio-pathological rehabilitation chart in mind, it is imperative that this type of patient is clearly informed and advised at the outset of his period of inactivity in respect of the following points:

  1. The reasons for the inactivity.
  2. The risks derived from resuming activity too soon.
  3. The need for progressive re-adaptation to effort.

At the same time, the physician considering a possible "final release" should be aware of his patients' level and type of skills and the real possibilities of physical recovery of the patient as an athlete.
Consideration must be given to the differences that exist between an athlete and a normal (sedentary) person, whose level of daily activity cannot possibly compromise rehabilitation beyond a normal level.

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