Monday, 3rd August 2020

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Renewable energy, reduction of CO2 emissions, substantial energy cost savings

Heat pumps have always been identified with air conditioning systems that provide cooling in summer and warm in winter at a very high cost. However, the extraordinary advances in aerothermal technology have provided stationary yields above 10 (producing 10kW cooling with 1kW of electricity consumption). It is estimated that an aerothermal system saves 60% compared to a diesel boiler and 40% compared to a natural gas boiler.

And while combustion boilers have already reached almost the limit of technical improvements, heat pumps still have a long haul to improve their performance.

Heat pumps and aerothermal are considered renewable energies because they are able to extract energy from the air and transfer it to another place in the form of cold or heat. It is obvious that power is required for the operation of a heat pump, and its generation may be related to CO2 emissions. “Ideally, the facility should be supported by photovoltaic generation.


However, CO2 emissions from the Spanish energy mix are around 100gr. of CO2 per kW produced, compared with 204gr. CO2 emitted by natural gas per thermal kW generated and more than 280gr. CO2 of gas oils. It should be noted that the mix of electricity generation in Spain is free of CO2 by approximately 60%.

Aerothermal systems are not only cooling system using hot or cold air, but they can supply hot water and heating in winter and cold water for distribution in the summer. In essence, the aerothermal or heat pump is a domestic renewable energy generator that uses heat from the air to produce 70% of the energy needed to provide heating or
cooling. In addition, the new generation of aerothermal equipment also allows heating water, making it a real alternative to oil and natural gas boilers.

Although the initial investment in an aerothermal system is higher, both the low maintenance (cleaning the filter from time to time) as the power savings and performance make the installation is written off in a short time. It is predicted that aerothermal will be the only air conditioning system in the coming years.

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