Sunday, 20th September 2020

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WhoÂ’s kidding whom?

I can go to a D&G shop and buy an original handbag costing anything from €595 to €1250 or I can go to Puerto de la Duquesa
to be approached by a peddler while eating at a restaurant offering a lookalike copy for €20 which I can actually buy for €10. As a
matter of fact you can find a whole load of peddlers blatantly displaying their imitation bags, watches, shirts and much else. This is
done at the expense of the shops that try to make an honest living by selling the correct products.

If I went about wearing a fake Ralph Lauren “T” shirt am I kidding myself or others into thinking that I can afford luxury goods? Now, this is an interesting question! For sure I am kidding myself because I can´t tell the difference and because I know it is a fake, however those who can afford to and do buy the originals certainly can tell the difference. This means that the only ones fooled alongside myself are those, like me, who cannot afford to buy the real thing and cannot tell the difference. Do I really want to impress them? Does it satisfy my ego?

At the other end of the scale, original brands are created to feed the ego of those who in their minds can afford to make themselves envied by everyone else. What is the difference between a Fiat and a Rolls Royce? After all are they not both cars? Are we about to see counterfeit Rollers? I heard you can in China, and loads more.

Counterfeit is illegal because we all know that it is wrong to copy what others do, it is plain stealing, unfortunately it goes beyond
this when it is done at the expense of a high earning industry that produces foreign income in its respective countries, often creating employment even in the Far East where some products and designs are actually made following strict quality procedures.
Furthermore I suspect that the income derived from the sale of counterfeit goods benefits the country where they are produced because that is where the proceeds are probably sent to.

When identified, any counterfeit products are usually confiscated by the police and destroyed, however it seems rather obvious that the small peddler cannot afford to buy or import the merchandise he tries to sell, someone must be making it, or importing it into Europe and providing it to peddlers and even retail shops. Whether the presence of such outlets is legal or not is another matter. It is the source that should be identified and put out of action.

Counterfeiting is not limited to consumer goods; it does extend to money, bonds, documents, works of art, DVDs Â…


I would like to know what this recent love affair with China is all about because most counterfeit goods are produced and manufactured in China, making it the counterfeit capital of the world. In fact, the counterfeiting industry accounts for 8% of ChinaÂ’s GDP. Joining China are North Korea and Taiwan. As a matter of fact, some counterfeits are produced in the same factory
that produces the original, authentic product using inferior materials.

Raids carried out in New York City resulted in the seizure of an estimated $200 Million in counterfeit apparel, bearing the logos of
brands such as “The North Face,” “Polo,” “Izod Lacoste,” “Rocawear,” “Seven for all Mankind,” and “Fubu.” The crackdown on counterfeit imports must have made it easier to identify and capture those responsible.

A word of warning; be wary of where you buy your next sun tan lotion from. Unfortunately when it comes to counterfeit products that you apply to the body or ingest, you need to be extremely careful.

On the 17th May 2015 the Mail Online published a warning as follows:
“Warning on fake make-up tainted by CYANIDE and other dangerous chemicals: Counterfeit versions of leading brands are being cooked up by criminals in squalid underground labs. Dangerous levels of lead, mercury and cyanide found in the fake make-up
Bogus MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay products sold via eBay and Amazon Buyers risk severe allergic reactions as well as long-term health problems Officers suspended 5,500 sites for selling fake goods in past 18 months Counterfeit versions of leading brands such as MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay have been found with dangerous levels of lead, mercury and even cyanide.

Criminal gangs are using squalid underground laboratories to make huge quantities of the bogus cosmetics, which are then sold through websites including eBay and Amazon.” As I said, counterfeiting and copying is stealing therefore “stop thief”! You do not have to buy counterfeit and help the criminals. Do you?

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