Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

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NO!Marbella no way!

NO!Marbella no way!

What possesses some media to want to broadcast such rubbish programs?

“The only way is Essex” is a British TV program that has now been extended to “The only way is Marbs!” (vulgar for Marbella).

I lived in both Essex and on the Costa del Sol for many years, believe me people and life are nothing like the image that this program portrays. I have never come across such a bunch of transparently shallow, “pretend to be well mannered” birds and blokes with money, all after only one thing.

I think it is an embarrassment for Essex to be seen portrayed with such an image to the world at large. Not in Chelmsford, not in
Brentwood not even in Southend or Basildon have I seen such a collection of imbeciles who cannot even act convincingly, who flash money about like there is no tomorrow in top hotels, top restaurants, top bars and discos when there is no way that any can possibly command that level of spending considering their obvious low level of education, the shallowness of character and the rather dim light showing upstairs.


If this is what a British TV company may be permitted to do to Essex, I think it is an outrage that it is allowed to convey such an
image for the South of Spain. You cannot stick a caviar label on a jar of lumpfish roe, the program will only attract those who have no idea what caviar is and cannot afford to buy the real thing.

Yes of course there are multimillion villas in Marbella, just as there are top class hotels, restaurants, and discotheques and so on but then they are owned, visited and frequented by the right type of people who fit into the picture. I do not want to rub shoulders with a load of beer louts promoted to drinking it from champagne glasses.

Selling the idea of a non existing yet demeaning fantasy is intolerable and is designed to bring down the tone of the area whilst attracting the wrong sort of tourist that will ruin it for everyone.

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