Sunday, 20th September 2020

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It is 12 years since we uprooted from Britain and moved to the Costa del Sol.

It is 12 years since we uprooted from Britain and moved to the Costa del Sol.

We were looking for a better quality life, for us and our three children. My family and I decided we had had enough of crime, unsafe streets, dead-end prospects and a government that punishes its own people while rewarding undeserving cases.

The decision was never regretted, even though it was and it meant starting from scratch and learning a foreign language.

From what we hear, it would appear that things in Britain have got even worse and it seems we have set an example that has been followed by thousands since. In fact, so many, that it is even possible to make a living on the Costa without the need to speak Spanish.


Unfortunately we cannot sift the good elements from the bad, with the result that many residents, newcomers and even visitors are taken in by some that do not conform to the norm of ethics or know the meaning of good service; especially in the Real Estate Industry where some are making millions at the expense of many innocent victims.

Web Express Guide is taking a more interactive part with both readers/consumers and advertisers. To reassure consumers, we introduce a Real Estate Recommended Section that should be taken notice of, while asking home buyers to let us know of any bad experience they may have had.

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