Sunday, 31st May 2020

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Despite the rest of the world the Costa is still the best place to be.

Despite the rest of the world the Costa is still the best place to be.

The uncertainty created by Brexit is world wide cause of disruption.

OUCH!! Chateau d’Ax, a national company with 6 shops in different parts of Spain has gone into receivership, unfortunately leaving us with a substantial bill unpaid.

While the rest of the world is in turmoil, here on the Costa we seem to live a fairly quiet and trouble free life by comparison, however while the Americans are trying to impose their will on everyone else, the Pakistani and Indians are at each other’s throat, China is trying to conquer the world, what does really affect everybody’s business is that thorn on the side called Brexit; another British invention designed to bring commercial disaster to the UK and commercial disruption with the uncertainty of what is to happen everywhere else until the matter is closed and buried.

Now they are talking of prolonging the agony even further. What is wrong with people these days?


¡¡AY!! Chateau d’Ax, una empresa nacional con tiendas en toda España, se ha declarado en quiebra, lamentablemente nos deja con facturas importante sin pagar.

Mientras el resto del mundo está en crisis, aquí en la Costa parece que vivimos una vida bastante tranquila y sin problemas. El único problema es que mientras los
estadounidenses intentan imponer su voluntad a todos los demás, los pakistaníes y los indios se atormentan mutuamente, China está tratando de conquistar el mundo, pero lo que realmente afecta al negocio de todos se llama Brexit; otro invento británico que conlleva un desastre comercial al Reino Unido y una incertidumbre malsana a todos los demás.

Ahora están hablando de prolongar aún más la agonía. ¿Qué le pasa a esta gente?

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