Saturday, 19th September 2020
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Interflora Florists

Interflora Florists

Only those who meet the required standards are admitted as Interflora florists.

I have often used the Interflora service to deliver flowers but only recently I have become aware that florists have to meet some stringent criteria before they are admitted into the largest flowers distribution network in the world. Even after admission, inspectors will visit these retailers anonymously to make sure they are maintaining the desired standards. It is all done to protect the brand.

To start with would be members must operate from recognizable retail premises in acceptable condition and be able to supply quality fresh flowers and accessories at a level acceptable to Interflora. They must also be able to demonstrate an acceptable standard of floristry with all the facilities necessary for the reception, transmission and delivery of orders.

After an examination by an Interflora Approved Examiner, evaluating the ability to service up to required standards as well as the rest, a report is then sent to the Membership Committee for consideration. A minimum of 12 months experience prior trading is required before consideration.

Not only must the required standards be met at the time of application, they must also be maintained. There is a range of considerations open in determining whether the required standards can be maintained on an ongoing basis.

In addition to an application fee, a substantial Fidelity Bond must be deposited for the duration of the membership.

Before you instruct the sending of flowers abroad or round the corner, the florist is a member of Interflora. Members are required to display the Interflora logo on all their literature and adverts.


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