Saturday, 19th September 2020

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Dressage Competition Estepona

Dressage Competition Estepona

The Copa ANCCE and Doma Classica championship in Estepona took place during the week-end 19th to 21st April.

It was invigorating to see the different level classes competing for first place, as follows:

  • Preliminary & Final 4 years old
  • Preliminary & Final 5 years old
  • Preliminary & Final 6 years old
  • Classic 1 & Classic 2
  • The St. George’s Prize
  • The Gran Premio

We publish here below the results for the main event the “Gran Premio” however you can see the charts for all of these other competitions on the
following website address:


The Escuela de Arte Ecuestre is much more than just a school; it is the best equestrian centre in Europe. Where would you find 7,000 m2 of riding arena computer controlled for sand moisture? And a covered arena for good measure with 1200 seats?

It is of little wonder it has been chosen for some of the competitions that take place in Spain. Of course there are more competitions yet to come, some will be friendly, others regional and higher levels which includes an exciting national jump competition in July. We are hoping to announce these in due time as and when we are informed.

It makes a fantastic week-end to relax within this luxurious oasis while watching the competitors riding some magnificent horses.

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