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The WXPG food review - Maccherone Italian Restaurant

The WXPG food review - Maccherone Italian Restaurant

Maccherone Italian Restaurant is in Avenida Oriental NÂș 7 (Plaza Macias) - San Pedro de AlcĂĄntara. The Opening Hours are from 13:00 pm to 16:00 pm and 19:00 pm to 00:00 - For bookings call +34 952 786 355

by Edwin Gladstone

*Key: FBA = First Bite Appeal

The staff:
The staff is very polite, most helpful and very welcoming. All are personally supervised at all times by Franco and Angelo, the partners who will be looking for any excuse to come and serve at your table in an effort to make you feel at home.

The restaurant is located in the centre of San Pedro just a bit further than the main Church, at the other end of the pedestrian only road. As soon as you walk in the "Typical Italian Restaurant" atmosphere is most striking. As you walk in it seems like stepping off Spain. The best location is in the patio, although of course one can sit inside. The tables and seats are not on top of each other allowing diners of comfortable space. Children are welcome, after all it is a typical Italian restaurant and children love pizza.

The Menu:
The menu is very extensive and comprises five sections: antipasti (starters), Pasta, Main Courses, Pizzas and desserts, representing an incredible choice of Italian dishes. We liked the idea of the special dishes of the day, recommended by the chef. 

Wine List:
The list comprises a selection of known Italian and Spanish Reds, Whites and Rosé wines. Spanish Cava as well as Moët Chandon and Veuve Cliquot were also on the list. On the other hand one might prefer a glass of San Miguel or Peroni beer.


Pizza Bread:
Pizza bread with tomato and garlic. FBA - Fantastic, not filling and excellent to work out an appetite while waiting for the meal. Be careful though, the last slice may be reason for an argument. If you plan to have pizza this is a good taster of what they are like. The dough is perfect, not an imitation and even better than we have had in some places in Italy.
Team Score - 9/10

Melenzane al forno (special of the day)
Aubergines filled with minced beef, mushrooms and plenty of tomato sauce, baked in the oven and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. FBA - Excellent! It explains exactly the meaning Just like mama used to make it". It seemed to melt in the mouth leaving a pleasant lingering taste that craved for more.
Team Score - 10/10

Gamberetti a la Diavola.
Described as prawns in a spicy oil dressing, they came in a sizzling hot clay dish, and an oily looking tomato sauce and garlic. FBA - A little spicy, but not unpleasant, after a couple of mouthfuls, it was not noticeable. Unfortunately, we found that this required bread for dipping in the sauce that kept tempting after the prawns had gone.
Team Score - 8/10

Carpaccio di Manzo.
Very, very thin slices of raw beef, topped with parmesan and olive oil and a sprinkle of milled pepper, if required.  FBA - Beautifully tender, not dry and melting in the mouth, not seeming at all like raw meat.
Team Score - 9/10

Main Courses:
The British favourite: Spaghetti a la Bolognese.
Not much to be said for a plate of spaghetti in Bolognese sauce, apart from the fact that it was made like it should, with real sauce Bolognese and plenty of sprinkled parmesan cheese on top. FBA - Unanimously, it was agreed that we order this any time.
Team Score 10/10

Pasta al forno (special of the day).
Another classic dish, normally eaten in Italian homes. Spiral pasta in typically rich tomato and minced beef sauce to include aubergines and small meat balls, served in a hot clay dish straight out of the oven, sprinkled with parmesan cheese. FBA - Not a dish for the Italian food beginner, nevertheless a very tasty and filling meal. 
Team Score 8/10

Pollo a la crema  e funghi.
Chicken breasts cooked in a white cream sauce with mushrooms. FBA - The aroma of this plate was so different from the others that it attracted everyone's attention. The sauce obviously was the secret of this delicious way of cooking chicken breasts.
Team Score 9/10

Side Dishes
Fresh Vegetables and Potatoes. All main courses are served with fresh vegetables and potatoes.

Ice cream, one undefined dessert. Not sounding very tempting, but then we could not face any more food. Team Score 3/10.
So we skipped this and went straight for an excellent espresso.

We decided it was time to pay an official visit to this typically Italian restaurant that has now been opened for two years. It is the place than one would go for a "good" lunch or evening meal and feel welcome. It is as good for a family meal as it is for a business meal, no one would feel disappointed, not even the children. We did not try the pizza, but having tried the pizza bread, the outcome was predictable with some 20 different toppings to choose from.

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