Wednesday, 15th July 2020

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Happy New Year to all friends and clients

Happy New Year to all friends and clients

An apology if you could not get in touch since Christmas - A History of Web Express Guide - The Guide seems to be everywhere

Happy New Year to all our friends and clients!

If you have been wondering why our telephones remained unanswered since just before Christmas, it is because we were having a well-deserved and overdue bit of time off and rest.
As I did mention in our previous edition, last year marked another turning point in the history of this successful publication, a point from which we aim to provide an even better quality service to advertisers and readers alike.
While the number of people who say that Web Express Guide seems to be everywhere is certainly noticeable, one of our aims this year is to ensure that this becomes even more so.


One of the reasons why we are everywhere is because "small is beautiful". Size is not an indication of quality, on the contrary "Good things come in small packages", but make no mistake, we are not a cheap A5 production. We are well presented, well designed quality
magazine. We are …just us, the one and only, original and true Portazine ©

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