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The WXPG food review - Massala Indian Restaurant

The WXPG food review - Massala Indian Restaurant

Massala Indian Restaurant Sabinillas - Opening Hours 7 pm to 12 pm - Sunday Lunch 1:30 to 3:30 pm - Closed Mondays.

by Edwin Gladstone


*Key: FBA = First Bite Appeal

The staff:

All the staff are Indian, very polite and most helpful. They are all well dressed and very welcoming; friendly but retaining the right level of professionalism.

The restaurant is ideally located on the sea front with uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean and the beach. One can either sit inside the main restaurant or on the patio, which can also be used in winter. It can be quite romantic at night. All tables and seats are neatly arranged so as to allow diners plenty of comfortable space. Also ideal for families with children, because of the play area on the beach in front of the restaurant. A children menu is available.

The Menu:
The menu is very extensive, well described with plenty of choice for all tastes. The vegetarian choices also looked highly appetising and include a good variety of dishes.

Wine List:
A fair selection of Spanish Red,  White and Rose wines. Spanish Cava as well as Mo√ęt Chandon and Dom Perignon were also on the list.

Hygiene level:
Very High Standard


Papadums and Pickles.

Fresh and warm papadums. Not oily! Variety of Dips - FBA - Very flavoursome and delicate. Chutney, Mint Yogurt, Mango and Onion salad. Delicate flavours & aroma. We thought that this was perfect to keep our appetite at bay with a drink, while waiting for the main meal and chatting away.
Team Score - 9/10

Onion Bhajee.
These are chopped onions, marinated in gram flour, made into round balls and deep fried. FBA - Excellent texture, not oily with an appealing aroma. Not too filling.
Team Score - 8/10

Dough shaped into triangular savoury parcels filled with spiced vegetables. FBA - A kind of deep fried giant ravioli, spicy but not really hot.
Team Score - 8/10
Tandoori Chicken. Spring chicken marinated in yogurt and delicate herbs and spices, then barbecued on skewers in a clay oven. FBA - Beautifully tender, not too dry and perfectly cooked. Fantastic with a small squeeze of lemon.
Team Score - 9/10

Main Courses:
The British favourite: Chicken Tikka Massala.
This was invented in England and only the English/Indian chefs hold the secret of this recipe. FBA - It was great. Just what you would expect to find in an Indian restaurant back in England.
Team Score - 10+/10

Lamb Korma.
This dish is prepared with fresh herbs, spices and powdered coconut cooked in a creamy sauce. FBA - This is a dish for the "beginner" or those who do agree with spicy food. Very, very tender and practically melting in the mouth.
Team Score 8/10

Mixed Biriani.
Chicken, lamb and prawns cooked together with basmati rice in spices and herbs with coconut powder and sultanas. Medium hot. Because this is a dry dish, you get a complementary mixed vegetable curry with it. FBA: On arrival at the table the aroma was quite striking. It was perfectly cooked even though there were mixed meats which held their individual flavour. The vegetable curry was quite a bonus.
Team Score 9/10

Chicken chilli Massala (xxx hot)
Cooked in spices with a blend of fresh chilli, tomato and coriander. FBA: This is a dish for those who really like it hot! We could actually taste the freshness of the chilli, not powdery but hot with lots of flavour.
Team Score 10/10

Side Dishes
Pilau Rice.
Basmati cooked in butter with turmeric. No food colouring was added. There is a choice of other rices. Mushroom, onions or egg fried.
Nan Breads, Chapati & Roti.
Various different Nans with garlic, onion or beef.
Vegetables side dishes.
Essential freshly cooked vegetables. Most refreshing with some of the main dishes. Sag Aloo, potatoes with spinach. Mixed vegetable curry and various others that complement any of the other dishes.
Team Score on all side dishes 9/10

It is not often that one can find an Indian Restaurant that has the know how to cater for the English diner. And that is because the owner has a well known restaurant back in Suffolk, that has been popular for many years. We found that the food quality as well as the service were very good and the price quite competitive for this type of restaurant. We were pleased to discover that a take away menu was also available.


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