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What happens when you die young?

What happens when you die young?

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. Albert Einstein.

In the first place, many in your life will be shocked and deeply bereaved.

Your grandparents and parents and siblings will have a sad and painful burden to bear in their entire lives. Your friends will miss you and not believe you could be gone, they just texted you, and you didn’t answer.

Acceptance will be hard to come by at times of an “untimely death.” Everyone will feel it should not have happened, that it is out of the natural order where the older generations move on first in the scheme of things to make room for the new.

Millions of people die in all ages all around the world, about 150,000 humans die every single day, but of course you will always be loved, and never forgotten. They will
remember you when you’re at your prime, when you’re the strongest, most capable, and most joyful and carefree but also at your most foolish, ruthless, or unprepared.



This is why it is wise to plan your funeral yourself while you can. If the first place you will have the kindness to save your family and friends the agony of organising it at a most distressing time. In the second place you will feel relieved to have done so while ensuring that the funeral is one of your choice at a cost that is cheaper today than tomorrow.

If you decide to plan your own funeral just make sure you do so with a company that is licenced to do so and that is likely to be around when needed (NB: there are no
foreign licenced undertakers in Spain).

For your information
Francisco Camero is a long
established licenced Spanish Funeral
Directors organisation now in its third
generation, also on the recommended
licenced funeral directors provided by
the UK Foreign Office.

Francisco Camero Licenced Funeral Directors
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Francisco Camero Licenced Funeral Directors

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