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You only die once

You only die once

Unless you believe in re-incarnation!

The fact is that we start to die the day we are born, we all know this but we prefer not to think about it, so we go through life placing the inevitable event at the back of
our minds as if it will never happen to us.

Eventually, when our hair start to turn white and our visits to the doctor become more frequent, the thoughts at the back of our mind start moving to the front and we realise that the inevitable is approaching.

This is when most sensible people start to plan their future, because if we are going to die, just the one time, we might as well make sure that we end our days in the way and dignity we choose and at the price we want to.


The point is that it is by far more sensible to plan the event as early as possible, even if you are just in your twenty’s.

Apart from the fact that there are many reasons other than old age that can lead to a premature departure, planning and fixing the cost of the funeral at today’s prices represents a saving to pass on to our family and a relief to know that what had to be done is no longer a worry for us or our next of kin.

After all we only die once! But make certain that any arrangements are made with a reputable licenced Spanish company like Francisco Camero, established for over 3 generations.

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