Tuesday, 14th July 2020

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The Cinema of the Future

The Cinema of the Future

By bringing the visual power of LED picture quality to the big screen, viewers get a more powerful, compelling and memorable content.

The LED technology in the cinemas is not limited to achieving more vibrant colours, the idea is to create an immersive experience that encourages you to go to the cinema instead of watching TV at home.

LED technology and that it reproduces in HDR and 4K is something new for cinemas. And you get a complete experience because "there is only one in Spain with 514 speakers and 217 amplifiers”.

This system does not reach the level of immersion that occurs in the room 4DX of Kinepolis, which has sensory effects, but the quality of the image is superior to that of this type of rooms.

Virtual reality glasses to isolate themselves and avoid claustrophobia and the fear of flying: Some Iberia flights are already offering it.

Because the image is broadcast directly from the screen, the projection room disappears, so the cinema can expand its number of seats. As it is a modular system,
maintenance is easier, because only the module that failed and not the screen needs to be changed.

What LED technology brings to the cinema:
more colour,
more black,
more details


It’s not that the black is blacker, it’s the colours that are brighter, the screen barely loses intensity even when the lights are on, and the details and textures are even more accurate than what is achieved with the new laser projection screens. The effect is very noticeable.

The quality of the black shades is overwhelming, and when combined with such a powerful sound system, you can feel the whole thing going through you as if you
were really inside the movie.

Going to the cinema to watch a premiere on the big screen, with your popcorns and your partner or friends is still an experience that many like to enjoy from time to time, but this new technology now offers a good valid reason for wanting to repeat the experience much more often.

This type of technology, is not only one more step, it is the use of all available weapons today to encourage the sale of movie tickets justified by an exceptional experience.

Odeon Sambil cinemas in Madrid are the first in Spain to offer this type of technology, there are only 40 cinemas in the world with this new Samsung Onyx LED screen that plays content in HDR.

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