Friday, 26th February 2021
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It would seem that most people start to think about their own funeral when they reach their fiftyÂ’s, yet the thought of dying is constant on our minds from the day we realise that life has an end for everyone.

That thought gets occurs progressively with more frequency as we get older and then, when we start getting older than 60 or 70 we realise that we need to seriously start thinking about our funeral.

It would seem that we are afraid to even think about our last days on earth as if the thought is enough to tempt fate, which of course is nonsense, because if you believe that you must also believe that your death day is already written down in the Great Book, the question is when.

This is why it is wise to be prepared for it and planning and arranging your own funeral is a way of not having to think about it anymore once it is done and even paid for. It is accepting the unavoidable event for a day as far away as possible and in some way obtain relief in having to stop worrying about it.


This is why you should start planning your own funeral at any age, you are never too young to do so and in the knowledge that the funeral will be exactly as you planned it will give you and everyone nearest to you some needed peace of mind while avoiding the costs that increase each year due to inflation.

When you achieve acceptance of the terms of life, the sooner the better, you might like to spare a thought for your parents, grandparents and even youger brothers or
sisters and help them to plan their own last day on Earth. It would certainly be an act of kindness.

Do not be afraid! Contact an established firm of funeral directors, make sure that they are a long established and well respected business like Francisco Camero and you will find their total understanding, with full support and invaluable advice as to how to go about it.

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