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Why thermally insulate our homes?

Why thermally insulate our homes?

(The information is provided by MATECNO S.L. as a general guideline)

The energy consumption of buildings represents a considerable part of the total energy used or "energy bill", therefore regulations have been approved to reduce it. Considering the need to meet the basic requirements for energy saving, in addition to the Building Regulations Act 2006, DB HE1 was approved as a basic energy document.

Section 1 establishes that buildings shall have a "thermal envelope" that will adequately limit the energy demand necessary to achieve thermal wellbeing according to local climate, the building’s use and the seasonal changes. This applies to newly built buildings and to rebuilds or renovations of existing buildings with a surface of more than 1,000 m2, in which more than 25% of its enclosures are renewed.

There is an obligation to make available to buyers or users of a building an energy efficiency certificate that evaluates and compares the energy performances and the values of CO2 emission of buildings, which provides buyers with new criteria for purchase. This is embodied in an energy label similar to that used in consumer goods such as appliances or lamps.


In Spain about 80% of the 20.8 million homes were built before 1980 with major insulation deficiencies which do not meet the habitability requirement or thermal comfort. The Sate system of insulation on the outside considerably improves the thermal inertia
of the enclosures, preventing thermal oscillations inside the house and great thermal comfort. It should be noted that such works
do not excessively disturb the occupiers, nor does the Sate reduce the habitable surface.

With Sate providing buildings with greater thermal inertia, the need to use heating and cooling is reduced by between 20% and 70%, which is an important factor in reducing emissions of polluting gases (CO2). Because in Spain more than 50% of buildings are built with poor insulation, mostly with  no insulation, plans are being promoted to aid and encourage the thermal rehabilitation of buildings as a necessary step to to reduce our energy bill as a country.

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