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The smile is a powerful communication tool

The smile is a powerful communication tool

When quality matters

Good “Cosmetic Dentistry” and the art of “Extreme Makeover Dentistry”, has to be a balance between science, the latest technologies, good craftmanship and a highly
skilled artistic ability. If you are wanting to create a new smile or simply to restore your existing one, it has to be beautiful, and it has to be you!

A tailormade work of art, precisely created, and personal to you, taking in to account your face, lips and skin tone. Who can you trust to perform such an important and sometimes life changing procedure, as arranging a new smile for you?

It’s one thing to have a broken tooth fixed, but it’s something else asking someone to change your face and look, and perhaps create brand new front teeth! For this kind of work, you need to select a good “Dental Stylist”. This means a dentist and a dental technician, both highly skilled and trained for the proportioning of how the teeth should suit the face. There is actually a set standard for how a perfect smile should look, just as Leonardo da Vinci used the “Classical Proportions” in his paintings


When creating a smile, the front teeth must be placed correctly, if not, your speach can be affected. Another important part of the perfect smile is the harmony between the front and back teeth. A beautiful smile should look good not only from the front, but also when viewed from the side. Its like a choir, the soloist might be good, but backing singers are still needed to make a choir song good.

It is the creative and artistic application of these procedures that differentiate “Extreme Makeover Dentistry” from the broader term of “Cosmetic Dentistry”. This gift is not given for free and it’s something not every dentist is capable of carrying out. 

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