Wednesday, 3rd March 2021
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Decided to spend your last days on the Costa?

Decided to spend your last days on the Costa?

This has been one of the coldest winters in Europe making the climate of Costa del Sol the perfect place for retirement.

Relatively mild winters and hot summers with the added bonus of some fresh Mediterranean Sea air is most certainly difficult to resist as a place where to

retire.Everyday life can be a pleasant way to spend the rest of one’s life, not forgetting the abundance of fresh food and the cheapness of drinks by comparison and the friendly attitude of the locals.

Unfortunately, everything is this life comes to an end, time passes, we grow older, things change and we start thinking about what comes next, especially if we find ourselves living on our own.

We may have health insurance but if we don’t the Spanish National Health Service is certainly very efficient for all residents yet the one thing they cannot provide is the comfort of talking to someone that can give you peace of mind as to what comes next, when no-one is around to help you leave behind this wonderful gift of life.

This is why it is important to talk to someone, explain your circumstances, express your wishes, point out the limits of your budget and your fears because these may well be the questions the answers to which can make the rest of your life more enjoyable and peaceful.

No, there is no need to rush back to your own country, that could be rather traumatic; the answer is very simple: “call me, talk to me, tell me.
My name is Leslie and nothing would please me more”.

My number is
+34 646 19 43 77
I am available 24 hours or
If you prefer send me an email at


English Funeral Directors Costa del Sol
Francisco Camero S.L., Avd. Juan Luis Peralta, 4, 29639
902 200 625
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