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es.ARTE Gallery

es.ARTE Gallery

The innovative scenario of the artist and marketing expert Marifé Nuñez in Marbella . Currently exhibiting the work of Eugenio Pardini

by Carla Bordoli

When you enter a contemporary art gallery, you immediately feel the energy impact created by the artists displaying their works of art as well as the personality of the gallery owner. But what if the artist and the owner happen to be the same person with the added qualities of a marketing and advertising expert?

I believe the result can be explosive: and this is exactly the impression I perceived when I entered es.Arte Gallery in San Pedro Alcántara, Marbella, and I met the
owner, Marifé Nuñez.

A very sensitive, polite and elegant woman, artist herself, and also owner of the marketing Agency es.Arte & Publicidad ( The main difference between es.Arte Gallery and other galleries in Marbella is precisely in that this project starts with the artist herself after traveling for years, moving works from one place to another, waiting for doors to open, which fortunately they did in New York, Milan, Vienna and Korea. However, as an artist, she always felt that you never have control of what happens and where you move to. When the moment presented itself and she found these beautiful and bright premises in Marbella, she seized the opportunity of a perfect place where she could work and have her atelier.

Speaking with Marifé Nuñez, she also explained that when she exhibited in New York, she was able to see how a professional gallery is conducted. So, thanks to her
creativity as an artist on the one side and her experience as a marketing designer on the other, she immediately realized the business potential in having control over the management of her own work and at the same time offering something different to other artists like herself.

In her own words, with great enthusiasm, she states: “Normally, the relationship between gallery and artists is generally not so fluid, mainly because the filter is sometimes too rigid, so there are always different levels in this type of relationship. I decided to break away from this and get control of the management of my own career as an artist, and also create a circle of people and other artists looking for the way to be recognized locally, nationally and even internationally in the world of art.


This is also the reason for her wanting a good positioning in internet and also to start selling works of art online, not just for herself but also other artists. Indeed, it is true that she wants to be exclusive in the selection, but for Marifé Nuñez it is fundamental not to follow the rules dictated by the art circuits because she dislikes how those already at the top decide if a person and an artist is valuable or not based just on economic interests.

“I want to be able to position artists with talent and not just exhibit(s), therefore not limit my field to people already in a good position. In fact, there are unknown young and talented artists with good potential.”

The gallery’s unique originality is to combine Marifé’s marketing knowledge and experience with the possibility to offer her artists the right tools to position themselves,
be it catalogues to promote their works of art and style, consulting services, or all that an artist needs commercially to present his or her works. Surely this is also an added value to the gallery.

She finally smiles and concludes the interview by saying: “It is variety that makes the difference as well as my personal professional experience as an artist. I think this is important in the relationship between es.Arte Gallery and the artist.”

Just to give a bit of information, the gallery was opened on the 15th of last May and the official inauguration took place on the 6th of July when it was attended by many guests and press representatives from the Coast and abroad.

At present the gallery is exhibiting the work of Eugenio Pardini (1912-2003) on loan until the 9th of November from the collection of Sean Hepburn, son of the famous actress, who agreed with Marifé Nuñez to bring to Marbella’s art collectors the artist’s colours and style. The smaller pieces, drawings, water colours and other Pardini’s little treasures will still be available at the gallery for collectors.

From the 10th to the 30th of November there will be a new exhibition with the collaboration of a Gallery in Vienna (Burn In).

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