Wednesday, 12th August 2020

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Ebn (son) Havis, son of Havis in Arabic, modernised to Benahavis.

We are starting this month with a brief introduction to this very typical Spanish town with a big difference, actually more than just one difference. Therefore we would like to present you each month with the highlights of a specific aspect that has made this small town so widely famous all over the world.

Benahavís was founded in the XI century as part of the Marbella Arabic past. Strategically positioned between San Pedro and Estepona, and just at a short distance from Marbella, Benahavís is an authentic gem surrounded by totally unspoilt nature. Mountains, rivers, woods with incredibly picturesque views define this tranquil mountain town; you do not have to go far out of town to see mountain goats, deer, wild cats, golden eagles and otters, and, even without leaving the village, you can easily see
some vultures fly overhead.



It is of little wonder that the area is so popular with golfers, boasting 12 of the Costa del Sol's 70 golf courses. It is the combination of these features and the rest that have made Benhavis a sought after place to live in. You will find that Benahavís borough can claim some of the most exclusive and desirable properties on the Costa del Sol.

Of course such fame does attract visitors from all parts of the world, with the result that the local restaurant industry has grown to the extent that Benahavís is also known as the dining room of the Costa del Sol. You are spoilt for the variety on offer between traditional Spanish food, French, Indian and others. The service is good and generally good value for money.

Additionally you have just as much to choose from Bars and Bistros which offer an alternative to a full meal with their tapas and even entertainment. Mind you, if you
fancy a walk or even a bicycle ride and wish to venture out for a picnic, there is no better place than the surrounding area, especially by the river.

Often a short visit is not quite enough and one might want to stay on another day or two, especially after a good night out. Benahavís is not short of hotels and one can
be found to suit your budget. 

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