Monday, 19th August 2019
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A Corinne Lewin school project, judged by members of the Rotary Club.

Corinne Lewin and the competition winners.
Corinne Lewin y los ganadores del concurso.

Now that Corinne Lewin is a ROTARIAN, it is relevant to report about her “ART SCHOOL PROJECT GENESIS” which is intended to provide children with free art classes by the gallery’s professional artists, of course with the cooperation of their schools.

The aim is to encourage children to better understand art and even discover the extent of their own personal talent at expressing themselves.

An art competition for children of different schools, who submitted their artistic entries, was a successful first event celebrated on the 26th of May attended by the panel of judges, who were mainly Rotarians.



Corinne Lewin (Propietaria de Atrium Gallery Marbella, Art Adviser)

Carla Bordoli Crivelli Visconti (General Director Atrium Gallery Marbella)

Jose María Asensi Galante (Director del Auditorio de Estepona)

Alain Pierard (Arquitecto y Promotor. Asistente del Gobernador y Delegado en Málaga de Rotary International)

Martina Spann (Investment Banker y Development Manager. Ex administradora de Arte y Cultura Marbella y Co-organizadora de Exposiciones de Arte)

Edwin Gladstone (Owner Web Express Guide)

Vicente Boscá (Arquitecto técnico) 

José Manuel Núñez Ríos (Profesional del diseño gráfico, de las nuevas tecnologías y de la comunicación)

María Antonia Díaz Franco (Economista)

Mario Montella (Empresario especializado en organización de eventos de lujo

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